Your Guide to Nissi Beach | Visit Cyprus

Your Guide to Nissi Beach | Visit Cyprus

Nissi Beach … been voted the most beautiful beach in numerous too many times to count on both hands. Could it be because of the 500m of sand? Crystal clear water? Or the variety of things to do on this idyllic setting? This guide to Nissi Beach will help you plan your travels and see what this beach has to offer you.

If I only had to give one tip to you … get there EARLY. This year from May through to October it has always been full by 10am.

Where is Nissi Beach?

Nissi Beach is located in the resort of Ayia Napa, on the east coast of the country of Cyprus. Due to it’s clean water and green policy it was awarded blue flag destination (there are 14 in the area). It runs that long it has it’s own cove which can easily be reached by foot, especially seeing as the water is so shallow. I can also confirm that even in October, the water was so warm also.

This guide to Nissi Beach will cover the things that surround Nissi Beach including restaurants, watersports and hotels. You won’t be stuck for things to do in this area.

How to Get There?

Depending on the location of your hotel. Nissi Beach can easily be reached by foot, bus or taxi. To make it easy, let’s say you are based at the centre of Ayia Napa. By foot, you are looking at a 50 minute walk via the main road or coastal path. Whatever takes your fancy.

Via bus, you need to look for the 102 which says Waterpark on the front. Just ask for Nissi Beach and pay 1.50 euro for a single ticket. Buses are every 10-15 minutes so you don’t have to wait too long for one at all. Just a little tip, single tickets in the evening cost 2.50 euro…which I found out when I only have 1.50 euro on me at 9pm!

Taxis will charge 10 euro normally. Taxi company do not run off a meter as they tend to charge whatever they want to. Stick to your guns and request 10 euro maximum.

Sunbed Guide to Nissi Beach

Where you choose to sunbathe for the day, it is important. The left hand side of the beach is only available for Nissi Beach Hotel guests only. Towards the right hand side you will find there are more sunbeds available and you are closer to Nissi Beach Bar which has daily parties – something to consider if you don’t want too much noise. The middle of the beach is great for closeness to the different restaurants. I also found my stuff to be very safe when I stayed here throughout summer.

Restaurant Options

Nissi Beach has over 5 beach kiosks and restaurants to visit depending on what you fancy. You have kiosks like Luma, Petra and Puma which sells warm sandwiches, salads and kebabs. I say it is in the medium range for prices but personally I really enjoyed the food.

Nissi Beach Bay is where the parties are located, however they serve food which you can eat in or takeaway and is slightly cheaper. If you don’t fancy food there is Isola Beach Bar if you just want to sit back and grab yourselves a drink.

Where to Stay

Aside from the numerous apartments, hotels and villas in the area. There are two hotels that are very popular and right on the beach front. Nissi Beach has been the most well known hotel due to being established for a long time. The 4 star hotel offers beach bungalows, sea view rooms and a spa to take advantage of.

New this year, is Nissiblu. A 5 star hotel offers state of the art luxury spa, 2 a la carte restaurants and hi-tech rooms making your stay as easy as possible. I was the rep here this summer so recommending them because I know how good they are.

Of course there are so many more beaches to take advantage of, however you just have to visit Nissi Beach. I mean who could say no to clear water and a day of relaxation? If you don’t want to sunbathe everyday, there is so much more you can do in the area. How about a Jeep trip to the Troodos mountains? I have 4 days before I fly home… what a summer.

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