Underwater Adventures | Visit Cyprus

Underwater Adventures | Visit Cyprus

When you think you’ve done it all, I am telling you that you haven’t and you need to do underwater adventures. If you don’t fancy taking the plunge and doing scuba diving, then I definitely recommend underwater walking. I did this after Scuba Diving and the experience was just as surreal, if not more, only because I have never heard of it before.

You have a helmet plonked on your head and suddenly you are walking in slow-motion across the seabed. Your whole body tells you that you should be floating to the top when you are walking across amongst all of the marine life – something to show everyone. Take your go-pro’s!

What is Underwater Adventures?

Underwater Adventures is a unique way to see Cyprus, from below sea level. Whether you do underwater walking or scooters, it is something you won’t forget. You get the chance to scale the ocean, surround Diving. You don’t have to focus too much on all the equipment and breathing techniques, just whack on a helmet get down and explore. yourselves in fish and take a good few photos for Instagram. I believe that it is  great midpoint to Scuba

Why Do It?

Because why not? Have you ever seen this advertised in your home country? In the UK I have never seen this advertised before, I never knew it existed until I came here. So why wouldn’t you try something completely out of the ordinary. It is for people of all ages and trust me as you walk around the seabed you can’t help but have a giggle. The helmets are completely soundproof, so whilst I was laughing my head off everyone was looking at me like “what the hell is she laughing at”. It was the shock that I was walking on the seabed.

This or Scuba?

I know that there are some people that are very wary of Scuba Diving. I used to be one of them, I like to rely on myself breathing automatically and be in control. The thought of having to think about breathing techniques and understand about oxygen scared me a little bit. However, all those fears went out the window when I previously went scuba diving.

Understandably, if you do have your concerns but still want an underseas adventure you still can here. All you have to worry about is walking across the seabed. I mean sure take deep breaths but the only equipment you have is a helmet. Not much to think about and you can get straight onto discovering the coast.

Walkers or Scooters?

Both have their advantages, however I have a soft spot for walking because that’s what I got to do. Undersea walking you get to be in different areas of the seabed and fully immerse yourself in the ocean. You also get the chance to feed fish, mainly puffer fish in Cyprus. However you get to be up close and personal with the creatures including lion fish and rainbow fish. So surreal, kneeling on the seabed amongst at least 100 fish looking up towards the swimmers.

Scooters, you are just bobbing along a few meters below the surface, but it looks awesome as you are navigating in these underwater scooters. The advantage of this is that, who would of thought you can drive a scooter underwater and I think that is the unique point of it. My personal preference … walking underwater adventures.

Fun Things to Mention

Feed Fish: Easily my favourite parts of these trips are getting up close and personal with the marine life. I have never been a fan of zoo’s or aquariums, unless there are for conservation and preservation/care of animals. So being able to see them in their natural habitat is incredible and you are literally surrounded by hundreds, I couldn’t stop laughing in shock.

Photos: The instructors will take photos for you to remember the journey you just went on, at an extra price. If you have a mega-fancy good underwater camera/go-pro use it!

Different World: I found this feeling a lot. Being at the bottom of the ocean and looking up towards swimmers and fish really made you feel immersed. It shows you how much life there is underwater and how short life is. I want to make the most of it but I also want to understand more about the wildlife here in Cypris. Didn’t expect me to get that out of it eh??

Things to Consider

Everything Seems Bigger: With the helmets, everything seems magnified. So you have to be careful of where you are stepping but also around the fish. There is something about fish that freak me out being near them and the way they move, so when I saw a fish near me it was actually about 2 meters away. Had to tell myself to chill, and I was fine.

Illnesses: You do have to state any illnesses you do have, and the instructors have their say on what is okay and what isn’t. It is a no-go for pregnant ladies. However, as long as you are completely sure on it, it’s okay. I have had guests with diabetes on the trip and it’s been fine. Just down to you really.

I know that they have this experience in Lanzarote, and if you see this anywhere else …. DO IT. In our family now, we don’t buy presents for each other. We buy experiences. As much as I love being by the pool, you want to make the most of your time in Cyprus or on holiday. This is something you may never get the chance to do again.

Push yourself! Currently sat with my broken toe, my days off consist of pool and working in café’s sampling different food. Not as adventurous as I have had planned, but blame the person who broke me toe!

Mol xo

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