Gift Guide for Moving Abroad

Gift Guide for Moving Abroad

Moving abroad is one of the most exciting opportunities you can encounter in life. It brings excitement, especially when you are planning what to pack. There are three obstacles I found when moving abroad. Not knowing what to pack, how much to pack and how much it was going to cost. Here is a quick gift guide of handy items you didn’t know you needed!

You will never know until you go, however I had to learn the hard way (it’s not even hard just makes you aware really) of what I should have bought. Rather than all those clothes than took my 7kg above my allowance … If you don’t feel comfortable accepting money from friends/family, here are gift ideas for moving abroad you can put together. Affordable and useful.

Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are a great item and to be honest very popular item in the travel community. Living abroad, you may get the chance to travel back home or go somewhere else and you will need to live out of 2 or more suitcases. You basically need to become a pro and packing cubes will help keep things organized, neat and tidy. My disorganization cost me a luggage handle (sorry mum).


Especially in Ayia Napa, hangers can get very expensive. We live in an area where it is built for tourism and prices aren’t as nice as Wilko or Poundland. I was lucky enough to have some hangers out here but paid like 5 euros for 5 hangers, it is just expensive and you would rather save money buying tons back home where you know all of the deals.

Extension Leads

I do not know why I didn’t think of this before … I spent so much money on buying multiple plug adaptors when you only really need 1. Bring an extension lead and you can charge everything in one go. Sorted. Perhaps bring a spare for your friend who is obviously going to want to come visit now you live somewhere away from home. However, in Cyprus I am lucky that they have the exact same type of plug as in England. I don’t know which country I will be in next (actually I might depending on when this is published) but I am buying an extension lead. Easily my favourite item in this gift guide for moving abroad.

Journal Gift

I think it is very easy to get wrapped up into taking photos and uploading it onto social media because it is quick and easy. What I have learned in this job is that as much as technology is incredible for reaching out to guests/people, I love personalizing written cards for guests something they can keep hold of. A photo can’t be put into words in terms of feelings. It doesn’t have to be a 2 page entry, it can literally be one line. For example, mine would be “guess who was a right plonker and broke/dislocated her toe on a Catamaran”. Something that makes me chuckle to look back on. It is something that can start the new chapter in your life. Do I want anymore cheese on that? Cheddar… Edam??


I remember my friend Holly said to me before we flew out, take photos with you. I didn’t. I don’t know why but I really wish I did. I haven’t tried to buy many homely items because I want to save money and think what’s the point if I can’t take it on the plane with me. However, I really regret leaving my CHEERZ (ADD LINK) photos at home. Polaroid or any style photos of home will bring life into your room but also be a nice little view to wake up to especially in the beginning weeks of your new adventure. Couldn’t leave out my faves Cheerz in my gift guide for moving away.

Passport Holder

If you are like me and get excited over any little thing, then getting something that you love that holds your passport is for you. I really need to get one. I think buying little travel related items, not only gets you excited for the trip but also organized. You know exactly where your passport is and to be honest I think looks cool. Enough said. On a serious note it can keep your valuables safe.


In our rep team, we all have different unique characteristics about us. I remember in my first meeting with my boss he asked one of my objectives. I remember saying “I don’t know if it is right but it’s my passion and I think it’s important…I want to learn Greek”. 3 reasons – I love learning languages, I want to teach my guests some words so they can take something out of it and also to build relationships with my hotels. I think that making an effort in another country by learning either “hello”, “thank you” or “cheers” you can immerse yourself in the culture. Grab a dictionary, learn 5-10 words a week and start meeting people. As a language geek, could I really keep this out of my gift guide for moving abroad? 

On a side note, if you don’t fancy a dictionary I recommend Duolingo if you are wanting it to be free or my personal favourite Babbel

Wash Bag

If there was one item I will buy or wish I bought, it was a wash bag. I don’t really care if my room doesn’t match because I am waiting to spend money on that when I finally settle down into my own place and can afford it. However, my bright green wash bin looks out of place and VERY difficult to carry up and down to the washing machine. Perhaps buy those collapsible material washbags which come in SO many colors and prints. Accessible but also useful.

Gift Experiences

I am lucky enough to have been on our trips for free except Scuba Diving (and we always gave a tip too), they were for training but I may have not got to do these if I didn’t have this job. Maybe 2 or 3, but I couldn’t afford all of them in one go. My sister and her boyfriend don’t buy a lot of gifts for each other they mainly do experiences like a weekend away or go on the world’s fastest zipline and we have rethought our gifts to them. It makes me think, actually by gifting someone memories that they want isn’t it better than giving them money they may not know what to spend it on?

I hope you enjoyed my first gift guide and found it valuable. These items are from my own personal experience because I didn’t have any of these. Not in a play the violin way, but they are items you don’t necessarily think of. For example, I really need paper clips for my admin work and what did I put away thinking “I don’t need these”… my lovely rose gold paperclips. 

So, if you are going away and people are asking “what can I get you” … think of your own list perhaps include a few of these. Or you have a friend/family member that is travelling, these may be a nice little surprise for them. 

Mol xo

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