Jeep Safari in Troodos | Visit Cyprus

Jeep Safari in Troodos | Visit Cyprus

There are many reasons why Jeep Safari were one of my favourite trips when we first got to Cyprus. They are adventurous, unique and serve many great photos for Instagram. Most importantly they take you to places that are difficult for coaches

You know the whole “riding Vespa in Rome” dream scenario, this is it for Cyprus. Riding mountain side in a Jeep with the most incredible views and visiting authentic villages is another experience. Just remember to hold on tight as you go off road on this Jeep Adventure.  

Jeep Safari Into Troodos Mountains

Troodos Mountains are based west of Ayia Napa and takes roughly 1-2 hours depending on what village you visit first. From Lekfara which hosts stores of lace and silverware to Omodos and village that takes you back in time, it is such a diverse and historical part of Cyprus. I am not the best fan of heights, however a Jeep Safari on the side of the mountain 1100m above sea level you see so many awesome views of the vegetation and mountains of Cyprus.

Jeep Safari Drivers

There are about 5 Jeeps on our trip, and I think 3/5 drivers were called George. Before we began our journey, we all met at a reservoir and met the team. The lead driver, called us all “family”. You will find here each driver makes the effort to get to know you all and share their top tips.


Our first stop was the village of Pano Lefkara, where we had a refreshing drink in a local shop which sells lace and silverware. It Is an important product in Cyprus, all locals make items in their house and bring it to one shop to sell to locals and holidaymakers alike. Fun fact – Leonardo Da Vinci got inspiration from the lace produced in Cyprus. 

Cyprus has been the first producer for many products including wine and perfume, it’s most prominent items here too are Rosewater and Donkey Milk. All can be found in Pano Lefkara as well as the surrounding villages.


There are 2 waterfalls that we visited, one was called Mesa Potamos a small walking trail up to a little waterfall … good enough for a selfie and pose for Instagram. The 2nd one is called Aphrodite Waterfall where it has myths … that if you take a dip or dip a foot in etc… you get eternal love and beauty. Well .. my tan is glowing however I am still single so I intend to dive head first into the Waterfall next time. Who knows I may elope before I get home! Easily my favourite part of this Jeep adventure.


Platres we were told is an exclusive part of the Troodos Mountains, where all the Cypriots go to holiday especially in August or the colder months. It is also called Little Switzerland, there are so many different cultures and influences in Cyprus of course there is room for one more. 

We visited a restaurant on the edge of the mountain, poolside view of the peak. Surrounded by Switzerland style cabins, it is completely idyllic.


If you are ever in Paphos, Ayia Napa or any other part of Cyprus I really do recommend you visit the Troodos Mountains especially a Jeep Adventure. Something to tick off your bucket list, especially as you can’t do this back home in England.  If you haven’t checkd out any of my new content, see how I did Scuba Diving in Cyprus!

If you don’t, you will get serious FOMO!! 

Mol xo

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