Learn How to Scuba Dive in Cyprus

Learn How to Scuba Dive in Cyprus

Channel your inner Ariel, adventurer and discoverer. Scuba diving is literally for anyone at any level of swimming, it is such a surreal experience. Even being 6 meters below the surface you feel like you are in a completely different world. You suddenly enter the habitat of the world’s most beautiful creatures.

I never had the desire to Scuba dive, I am not an adventurous person. So when I got the chance to Scuba Dive in Cyprus, even my Dad was impressed with me. I can Scuba Dive in England, but to do it in a country so beautiful with opportunities to visit Shipwrecks is something else. If you are thinking of scuba diving or just fancy a read of my adventures keep on reading…. It involves a JELLYFISH INVASION!

So about a week after my jellyfish bite infection, we went Scuba Diving. I wasn’t going to let jellyfish stop me from being in the water, especially scuba diving. So I zipped on my full length wetsuit in 30 degree heat and entered the crystal clear water surrounded by at least 100 small jellyfish. Of course, myself and Molly chose the weekend where there was an influx of Jellyfish… luckily they were tiny but so mesmerizing. 45 minutes of pure immersion learning how to scuba dive in Cyprus.

Taba Diving Centre

We Scuba Dived with Taba Scuba Diving in Protaras set up by a legend called Steve, who has the best staff and have got so much experience. There are so many diving options to choose from including Bubblemaker for children, introduction into diving and full on diving course with PADI certification. We were taught by a lovely diver called Cassie “Cass”, she made us feel so comfortable and we had any laughs along the way.

Before we even got in the water, myself and Molly couldn’t stop laughing about me in a full length wetsuit sweating, us trying to get our fins on and attempting to even stand with our fins. Now you can’t really smile when you are under water because water gets in your goggles and you spend more time trying to get it out (very easily though). Due to our non stop laughing before we made quite the impression to Cass.

Where Can I Scuba Dive in Cyprus?

To Scuba Dive in Cyprus I recommend Taba diving who are based in Protaras, a neighboring resort to Ayia Napa. Filled with so many blue flag beaches including Pernera Beach where we do our Scuba Diving. It is a small beach but perfect shallow depths filled with lots of marine animals to discover.


Before you get into the water, you have to know a bit of theory before you get in. From learning what the equipment is, the fish we will encounter to the breathing techniques. It may seem like a lot of information, and it was a lot to take in but it all comes together once you get in the water.

You have to read through some information, do a quiz and enclose any health conditions you may have. Because when you are underwater, your teacher can’t be next to you they may be in front leading the way so once you know the theory, practice it in the water you need to do it by yourself in the ocean but the trainer is always there to make sure you are okay.


Once we got into the water, we were about waist height in the water and we went onto our knees so we were under water but were able to get to the surface quickly. There we did our practice moves if we get water in our mask, in our regulator (the air apparatus) and if our regulator came away from us.

Once we all got to grips with it we were ready to go.

Beginners course is very gradual as you get deeper into the corals, you get a few minutes to practice swimming with the weight on you as well as learning to float and get the right balance. It is so surreal, because as you get underwater your brain tells you that it’s odd breathing underwater. So it may take a few minutes to get acclimatized to your new surroundings. From the first minute it felt like a new world, I didn’t want to get out as soon as I got in. Maybe I always wanted to learn how to Scuba Dive, because I have always been surrounded by the ocean and I am passionate about marine life.

Yes, I was nervous being around Jellyfish but it was a rare sight to see so many in Cyprus. Of course due to my clumsy and slight unfortunate nature of being allergic to jellyfish stings one wraps itself onto my regulator .. what can I say I’m a catch (get the pun??). However, as you get deeper, you see so many different types of fish including Rainbow Fish and Puffer Fish. Seeing Rainbow Fish reminded me of being a child and choosing a fish for my pond at the pet shop but this time real life in their environment.

Puffer Fish … I didn’t really actually come to terms with how many there were and what they looked like. You get this perception that they are just big but in real life they are much smaller before they balloon up. We actually got to feed them too, one of them nipped me the little bugger. They normally do this but it caught me off guard so I watched Molly feed the fish.

I am trying not to use the word surreal so much, however having at least 100 fish surround you is incredible. Especially for a first time diver. We also saw an Octopus! We are told that when people dive it is not announced to the public right away what marine life there is as we want to preserve it and avoid the animals feeling intruded which I think is so sustainable and respectful.

There are a few statues underwater too including a mermaid, I will say it is VERY difficult to look photogenic scuba diving when you can’t smile next to a very pretty mermaid statue. One thing I didn’t expect when I decided to Learn how to Scuba Dive was having my own photo hand, every photo me and Molly have the same hand poses…another reason why we couldn’t stop laughing like idiots.

What’s Next?

What’s next?

Once August is over and it starts to calm down, I really want to do my PADI course. This will give me more opportunities to dive anywhere in the world and the more practice I get the more experienced I can be, which opens up to more adventures.

If you are thinking of going Scuba Diving, DO IT. It is the most incredible experience you will do in your life and it really is for everyone. I hope my experience was somewhat a fun yet informative read, if you want more information on it here are some links to help! If you haven’t already caught up with my recent post – please do, it’s all about being a Holiday Rep!

Any Scuba Divers please give me your best advice and where the best dive spots are!

Mol xo  

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