Being a Holiday Rep: Perceptions vs Reality

Being a Holiday Rep: Perceptions vs Reality

I have always wanted to work abroad, especially being a holiday rep and I had so many thoughts about what this job would be. However, I didn’t want to have any expectations. Not in a bad way, but I wanted to immerse myself and not think too much into it. It has been the most insane adventure ever.

Is it a crazy experience? Yes and as a result, did I get to spend the summer working with the best people? Absolutely. I just travel? No, we work so hard and it’s not a walk in the park. I always wanted to work whist I travelled so I prepared for this. I didn’t realize how hard reps worked until I became one especially juggling everything.

Being a Holiday Rep is a Temporary Job

I remember someone saying to this statement to me, inferring that this job is a easy job and not a serious thing. I had to bite my tongue because even before I started this job, I knew how hard I would have to work and I knew I would want to stay and develop with this company. After University, this was the start for me. Being a holiday rep, they listen to your wants and needs whether that is improving any skills you have, the next destination or how to progress up in your line of work or see a different side to the business. You have so many responsibilities, I have never worked so hard and training has never been so intense. Here is a break down from Gap Year on how to Apply to be a Rep.

All worth it in the end.

Get Paid To Travel

After hearing from new reps that have gone home or guests that say to us, we must travel all the time and be bronzed. It simply isn’t the case, we work like anyone else at least 40 hours a week and have a day and a half off. I am lucky to have a 3 hour break a day in between split shifts, so I get to go to the pool. Our days off are spent going on adventures so we make the most of it.

Being a travel rep, we get to live in the most amazing countries, meet incredible locals and share our experiences with guests. So yes we do get to travel, but we are paid to look after guests. This job has also given me the chance to save money for my next holiday/adventure. I am planning for my birthday to go to Barcelona for 4 days and then a surprise trip after! To summarize, Stephanie from The Travelletes has some really good valuable experience in this area as she has the same job as myself.

Being a holiday rep is all about adventure

It’s An Easy Job

I have worked in numerous jobs from waitressing to online marketing, and I don’t think I have ever come across where the tasks are so diverse. For instance you have everything from admin to planning surprises for guests. I suppose on TV adverts you see the rep smiling and thinking oh wow she must have such an easy job look at them in the sun. Which is true we always have a smile on our face because we love our job.

However, I have 4 hotels and so much goes on in those hotels. This is a good thing by the way. I said I liked a challenge on my destination wishlist for Cyprus. You have to think fast on your feet and have a solution or plan for any type of situation. Believe me, you can’t make up or write some of the situations we come across being a holiday rep. It makes for an interesting season. I really liked Emma Murgey’s post on things people don’t know about being a holiday rep.

My Biggest Surprise Being a Holiday Rep

My biggest surprise came within myself, I describe myself as a confidence and bubbly person. I used to be super quiet until I moved to Barcelona and since then I don’t really shut up. So when training started, I became so nervous and quiet and I really could not understand why. It made no sense to me. I am not saying that being quiet is bad, it isn’t. However, for me being quiet worried me a bit.

I knew that I was quiet because a) this job meant the world to me 2) I wanted to take in all the information and 3) it was such a big move after university. I say it took a good 5 weeks for me to get back to my normal self. I think the fact that I was so quiet was a miracle. The best thing is, this job allows me to travel as well as save for more trips … especially seeing as I am a budget traveller

A snippit of a daily life of being a holiday rep. From the uninform to adventures in the coast.
Being a Holiday Rep Means Good Views

Being a holiday rep has been the best experience for me, it is a challenging job but it is so worth it. If you are thinking about doing this job, please do it! You get to experience life in different countries and be able to work with such a established company.

If anyone has any funny holiday rep stories, I would love to know more about them. My favourite thing is chatting to the reps out here about things they have seen and done. You couldn’t imagine it!

Hope you are all having a fab week xo 

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