Why I Quit Blogging | Life Update

Why I Quit Blogging | Life Update

Hello again, my goodness this feels very weird to write. It has been 4 months since I quit blogging. 4 months ago, creating content for my blog just felt wrong so I knew that I had to have a break at some point. However, the way I went about it was the wrong way and I regret the way I went on a break.

The break was needed, I feel so much better and more prepared for this relaunch. I know exactly what I need out of this blog and why am I doing it. I can’t tell you how much I have missed this, a creative outlet and a skill that I have learned to love as my own. It is good to be back!

Reasons Why I Quit Blogging

Around January/February time, I realized that I had no motivation or ideas for my blog. I was also seeing on social media a lot about numbers/algorithm/followers you name it. Seeing that alongside having no ideas for my blog, just made me feel worse about myself and my blog. I just didn’t want to fall into the numbers trap, it isn’t what I do this for. So I quit blogging.

Around that time, I was working a full-time job, which didn’t actually affect anything in terms of time management. However, a lot of issue in-between made me lose focus on myself and my blog and I realized that it wasn’t worth it in the end.

I knew I had to have a break, not delete my blog entirely. I was stressed after a rather awful birthday weekend, decided to try and go self-hosted and it all back-fired. I couldn’t’ get anything to work with changing my blog from blogger to blue host. Whilst crying and thinking I was going to spend all this money, I decided to delete all history of Blondie Wanderlust (all except the posts and social media). I just couldn’t handle the pressure of myself trying to become self-hosted and having the perfect design.

I thought why am I trying to upgrade my blog when I have no ideas? A very messy start to my blogging break. At that point I had no idea when I was moving to Greece (which then turned out to be Cyprus).

What Has Changed Now I Quit Blogging?

I have been creating content for my own website, for my placement companies and other brands over the past 3 years. I didn’t know how much I would have missed it until it had gone, thank goodness I backed all the content up. I have never been a creative individual, this blog changed that for me. I was able to find a love for travel, improve on my languages and meet the best people I could ever imagine.

I am now in Cyprus, working for TUI and ready to create some content and working with brands I have loved for ages. I have even created a re-launch presentation, writing down the main aim for my blog, the niches and future plans. This month I have created a timeline of when I am doing blog work leading up to this point and it is slow but so worth it. Currently I have a list of 20 posts including this one of content to create. 2 posts a week will still be the same, maybe even one because I am working a full-time job. I am blessed to have quit blogging to find out why I loved it 8n the first place.

Where Am I Now?

Like I said, I am now living in Cyprus. I am a destination rep for TUI. This has been a dream job for a while, and I am so lucky to have this opportunity. I get to travel and work at the same time which is what I have always wanted to do. I am creating the smiles.

I am here until October, not sure where I will be in Winter or Summer 2020, but I have more trips planned. Cyprus has a lot to offer and I have a lot of trips and restaurants to write about including Scuba Diving and Jeeps. My next trip/holiday because I will be in need of one, will be taking my mate to Barcelona for her first trip and then a surprise trip with Srprs.me. A company who sorts out all your holiday details and won’t tell you the destination until you get to the airport!

Plans for the Blog

I am now FINALLY self-hosted, and will have a new design soon. Obviously, if you follow me on social media I love palm trees so that will be a component of this blog. My plans are just creating content that I like but also stuff that I hope others will enjoy.

I have worked with brands in the past like The Tour Guy in Rome, and I hope to work with them and others in the future. This has never been a numbers game, before I stopped blogging. I didn’t have the highest numbers but I had lots of people reading, work coming in and more ideas than ever. Just had to remind myself why I did it. Being in a travel job also helps with constant streams of adventures and ideas.

Ideally, I just want to keep this blog up forever. Keep travelling, creating content and working/meeting others.

Thank you to anyone that has stuck around and read this, it means a lot. I am off back to work and off Scuba Diving tomorrow – don’t worry photos and content to come. Very excited to get my first dive done in Protaras, what a place to do my first dive! (This was written way back in May – sometimes things take time especially my website)

Mol xo

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