Meet the Bloggers Series: Couple Travel Bloggers

Meet the Bloggers Series: Couple Travel Bloggers

It’s almost Valentines Day, that time of year when one day we celebrate love. Whether it is when you are younger giving a letter to your school crush, bestie or grandparents to treating your other half to a spa weekend — the 14th of February is a staple date for us all. We can’t escape it! I am single, so obviously I won’t be doing a gift guide or best places to travel for couples, because I have NO IDEA. However, I don’t’ want to brush past the face it is Valentines Day instead I am doing something different.

I have a Meet the Bloggers Series, a place where I get to share all my favourite bloggers and those that have inspired me. In respect of Valentines Day coming up, it is the perfect time to introduce my favourite Couple Travel Bloggers. I used to think that travelling was meant to be done solo, however I have seen so many couples travel the world together and it looks like one epic adventure!

1 – Twosome Travellers 

First up are Alex and James from the Twosome Travellers, with 49.1k followers they give us an insight into their life with some incredible photography. That would make sense why it looks so epic seeing as their Instagram biography says Filmmakers. If I could sum up their content in one word it would be “idyllic”. As much as I don’t look for love, their travel story is literally what I dream of. The simplicity of their adventures combined with their content creation and of course their relationship, makes me want to travel the world with my future boyfriend (pre-warning if my future bf is reading this … probably not). I also am in love with their campervan lifestyle, this is something my whole family love doing and it is life stripped back to basics which is always nice!

2 – Los Traveleros 

Of course, I had to put in Latin Couple Travel Bloggers because anything Latin/Spanish I will always have time for and I love that I can follow Spanish Bloggers as I speak the language! Say “hola” to Blanca and Albert! OH MY GOODNESS. Their content on Instagram is absolutely insane, currently in Thailand (as of writing this post on the 13th of January) they have captured so many landmarks and somehow bought them to life for us. Personally my favourite picture is the photo with the pastel cathedral and palm tree in Vietnam … it is just epic! I really like how they go to really obscure places and get photos that stand out from other bloggers including the Blue Temple (check out their Instagram!). Shows any couple can travel anywhere rather than just the typical places like Venice or the Maldives!

3 – Getting Stamped 

Say “Hey” to Adam and Hannah, one of the original couple travel bloggers that inspired me when I first started blogging. I came across these guys when I worked for Waytostay in Barcelona, and constantly came across their blog when creating content for our companies blog. My two favourite things about them is their use of drones and love of the outdoors/wildlife, it is so different to the usual beach pictures we see and often I miss a good outdoor walk. Their content makes me certainly appreciate the world we live in. My personal favourite content is the Falkland Islands – never thought to go there but looks beautiful! Definitely give these guys a follow, love following them on their travel journey!

4 – Barbie and Panda 

Firstly, before I even introduce these guys … what a name. I love it. Barbie and Panda aka Corina and Greg want to conquer the world according to their Instagram Bio and from their photos I think they already have. Personally I love their luxury style photos as it pushes me more to work harder to travel and have these experiences but also the contrast to the out of the ordinary places like the back streets of Hong Kong. I would love to visit Hong Kong as my mother lived there for a bit and their photos have reignited that need! My goals – sitting in that bathtub in Jamaica surrounded by petals. I really like the fun that comes out in their photos, makes them really down to earth!

5 – Just Two Travel 

Next up is Marta and Juanjo! Based in Mallorca, I have another Spanish Couple Travel Bloggers because I just can’t get enough! Firstly, they seem like such a sweet, down to earth and fun couple! You can tell from their pictures, selfies and content that they have lots of fun. The places they go to as well are locations that I haven’t even heard of, for example the White Temple at Ayutthaya in Thailand and places in Sri Lanka that are under the radar. It is great to see the adventures of this couple, not going to lie my dream couple holiday is lying on a beach in the Maldives but this makes me want to explore more of our world! Just do me a favour and follow their Instagram if you do just one thing today!

6 – Mochila Monkeys
Again a bit “hello” to Marco and Erika, from Germany and Ecuador currently in Sri Lanka (as of writing this on the 13th of January!). As I was planning this post I wrote down two words that summed them up “loved-up and creative”. The typical thing a single person stereotypically says when seeing a couple is “ew” or “too much PDA”. However, their photos is just so romantic even I can’t be upset over it, my two favourites has to be the train tracks in Sri Lanka and the dip by Broken Beach. Just so creative and different to any other couple pictures I have seen! On their blog they also have tips for all sorts of travellers including how to avoid scams and travelling places as a female solo traveller! Check it out!

7 – 2 Monkeys Sailing

Again, introducing on of the original couple travel bloggers I have known since my Waytostay days … Kach and Jonathan. I have followed their journey for 3 years now and adore their blog. Whenever I have been in contact with them they are always so down to earth and their selfies on Instagram prove that! Their travelling has always been impressive, but their current adventure is just something else. They are sailing around the world on their 37ft Sailboat with their Kittens … I mean how incredible is that! Such a different way to travel the world, but I absolutely think it is genius! They are currently in Puerto Rico (again as the 13thof January) and it looks beautiful, it is one of the places I really am eager to visit!

8 – We Moved Abroad

Firstly, Alex and Lucille …. Your Instagram is literally what dreams are made of (in the words of Lizzie McGuire). I have the serious case of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) with your classic, simplistic yet stunning views and content of the world. Writing this as my sister is currently in the Philippines like yourselves I am so envious! I need to visit those waterfalls you went to and have someone take a photo of me whilst I whip my hair back in the ocean! My personal favourite post is the Travel Fails in Bali because travelling like life doesn’t always run smoothly and I love the honesty!

9 – Find Us Far Away

Again, in love with this blog name I think it is so unique and where everyone wants to be especially this winter! Ben and Sophie are also from the UK, love supporting my fellow Brits! I had one word in capitals on my notes when planning this post for these guys “FUN”. As much as I love the carefully created and posed pictures we all love to take, the simple tongue out photo and the jumping into the ocean shows that bloggers are all human beings and we enjoy what we do! Their recent Instagram post is actually really epic, it is about using less plastic and how to be a better traveller in order to sustain the environment we live in. Thanks Ben and Sophie for educating us! Literally just remembered to buy a reusable water bottle!

10 – One Love Our Love

Had to end this blog with this lovely couple Mikey and Jana are the ultimate goal of loved-up! Based in LA, every photo is like an epic love story in one go romance screams out everywhere (in a good way!). You can see why they are on this list! Two reasons why they stand out. 1 – they are plant based and have been for 15 years, I have always wanted to have a more varied lifestyle and this is something I want to incorporate. 2 – they help others. They sell pre-sets, not going to lie I will be getting pre-sets for my Instagram photos because I want to change it up a little bit and think it is great thank Mikey and Jana are helping others have a journey like them!


There we have it! Just in time for Valentines Day here are the couple travel bloggers that inspire me on a daily basis to get back out there and travel. If you are a couple and are thinking about a weekend away, weeks holiday or long term travel give these guys a follow for some fab ideas!

Don’t forget end of this month, I will be revealing some very exciting news that I can’t wait to share with you. As it stands, as of the 13th of January, I still don’t have full information on what I am revealing! Exciting things are happening in 2019!

Mol xo

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