Blog Update: New Logo and Further Plans

Blog Update: New Logo and Further Plans

Can’t believe I finally updated something on my blog, I didn’t intend to spend that much money on my blog. I created a nice website on, a free site and bought a domain and created a free template on Canva. I loved it and still loved where I started, I don’t do blogging as a way to make money nor do I do get competitive with myself over blog statistics. However recently, I have noticed a change to my mindset.

I really want to invest in my blog, it has become a massive part of who I am and where I want to be. It has become a platform for me to be creative, meet an amazing community and work with amazing brands – it also helps me talk about my passion in job interviews. I don’t know if I would do blogging full-time because I love having a job alongside it. My big reveal will make you understand how they will fit in together. Seeing recently how my blog has grown and reaching more people, I wanted to put money into my blog to show it’s growth and it’s identity.

The New Logo 

Why did I start with the logo? I have no clue how I want my website or blog to look like, all I know is that recently I love two images – the globe and palm trees. The colour?? I am feeling pastel pink … I have never been into pink and I won’t have my blog all in pink but minimalism with pink details! I created it with Wix, as I heard great things about it and the process was so easy. I filled in a questionnaire of my passions and what I wanted out of my blog and it came up with background and icons for my niche. I always wanted a background of a square with an icon in front of it, I thought I would stick with palm trees for my social media and other parts of my blog (not sure on the placement yet). I liked the idea of colliding globes because it means other people’s worlds are coming together and we learn from it. That is why I do this blog, I share my tips and mistakes and I learn from others. I also have a massive passion for learning languages so meeting people can help me achieve that. Of course my blog name at the bottom. Pink for the background and gold for the icon and name, I felt it was minimalism yet with an impact. I wanted to do my logo first because it is an important starting point as that will be everywhere but also less complex to change if needed.

What is Next for the Blog?

At this point I am not sure if I have published my big reveal as I am currently waiting on information myself (as of the 9th of January). However, you can expect more posts regarding the area I live in which is Southampton to unique travel tips like homesickness and wellness posts. I want to write about things when you aren’t travelling to helping people prepare when moving abroad and when they come back because it is personal stuff that I went through. After my big reveal I will have A LOT of exciting content. However here are my next steps for upgrading my blog!

Weirdly enough, I have blogging to thank for stopping my obsessive need to post every selfie onto Instagram when I was 18 years old. I rarely post personal pictures, it is more for my professional side and travel. I schedule my posts less and engage more because it is a great way to connect. I now have a consistent feed of every other picture being a palm tree because I am obsessed and it makes it more personal. However, I would love to buy a pre-set ….  Previously I said I wouldn’t give into these perfect edits because it isn’t real life but goodness they look fantastic like it should be a computer background image. So, I will be getting one from a girl called Farah (she is so lovely and charming), who is based in Barcelona but currently in Brazil! I want it for myself because I want to inspire myself to keep travelling and see how far I have come and to be more creative with my blog and presence.

Moving to Self-Hosted 
Seeing as I am writing a heck of a lot more content and collaborating with more brands, I want to finally own my own content. I mean, I back up all of my own work on two different kinds of drives but what if suddenly shuts down and I forget where I stored my stuff? It is something I have thought about for a while but put off until my blog grew more and I knew I would be travelling – I wanted to be realistic. If I was unable to pursue my goal of travelling and needed to save money I wouldn’t do it. However, due to my reveal this is finally happening.

After doing research and reading a lot from Hippie in Heels, I have decided to go with Site Ground. They have really good deals if any one is on a budget or want to spend more for more features and can transfer your domain and content over from blogger. I also have seen how they deal with designs and it just seems like the perfect fit for me. I want more control as I have become more creative and it seems like the necessary step.

This is the one thing I am super worried about because the thought of coding scares me, however I know there are a lot of resources out there to help me and I will be re reading Hippie in Heels advice for when she re-branded because her website is beautiful! This is also something I will spend at least 3 weeks fully researching and deciding about every single little detail. At this moment, all I know for sure is that I want pastel pink to be consistent and palm trees fitted in their somewhere. There is a lot to think about including the layout, placement, content and icons to name a few.

The design of your website can’t be missed, it is a huge feature to look at and I know this will be like my dissertation – work on it so hard that you see the tiniest of errors and want perfection. I actually can’t wait to do some browsing of other blogs and get inspiration. I will not be copying because I won’t do something that isn’t me. As well as my readers, I also read my blog and I couldn’t live with myself if I looked at my blog that clearly wasn’t my style. Where do I start though?? So many things to think about but it gets me more excited!


What is holding me back though is this reveal. So much to explain, but even I don’t know the main details yet and it gets so much more harder when trying to plan stuff. However, I know when I do finally have information it would be worth the wait and worth the many many words writing the reveal blog post. It will also give me a lot of creativity and ideas towards the design as well. 

I am so glad I made this step in changing my blog, it took my at least a year to know I was going to be carrying on this blog and knew it was a true passion. Nearly three years on my family are more understanding and from seeing the success of my collaborations ask me more questions and get excited when I get to do awesome stuff like the Electric Bike Tour around Rome or the Ice Bar in Barcelona. Hopefully, one day once I have saved and get the opportunity I can treat them to something! My parents deserve it for all the bloody travelling and interviews they have had to see me through. However, they support me with this blog because they know it makes me happy and is one of the few passions I have ever had. Watch this space I say! Xo

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