How To Arrange A Last Minute Holiday | Blondie Wanderlust

How To Arrange A Last Minute Holiday | Blondie Wanderlust

Many of us love the idea of packing one’s bags at a moment’s notice and jetting off somewhere exotic. Last minute deals found on the internet only make the idea all the more tempting. But what about commitments such as work and the other associated costs such as spending money? Is a last minute holiday truly feasible? Whilst it can be done, it isn’t always simple – here are just a few tips for arranging a holiday last minute.

Book the time off in advance

Many employers require their staff to give a few weeks’ warning when taking time off. Some even go so far as to demand several months’ warning. This can make it impossible to plan a holiday on a whim, however it is still possible to take advantage of last minute deals and add a certain element of surprise by booking the time off in advance but only waiting a couple weeks before to decide on the destination.

You should similarly make arrangements for other commitments in advance such as booking a dog-sitter or house-sitter. You can still wait until a couple weeks before to book actual holiday so that it has that last minute thrill to it.

Make it a weekend break

Another option could be to simply make it a weekend break, so that you don’t have to take any time off in advance. Whilst this only gives you two days, it could be enough time to escape somewhere local. If there’s an extended weekend coming up with a bank holiday, this could give you a little longer to make the most of your last minute break.

Shop online for last minute deals

A great reason to book a holiday last minute is because it’s often cheap. Hotels may slash their prices in order to book up empty rooms whilst airlines will similarly offer huge discounts in order to book up empty seats. In some cases, you could pay a third of the price that you’d usually pay.

Finding these deals involves knowing the right sites to shop on. Holiday Pirates is one of the top sites for this – it collects the best last minute deals from across the internet. If you want more freedom to pick and choose your destination, using a combination of Skyscanner and Trivago is often the best way to find exceptional deals.  

Consider taking out a loan

Whilst you may be able to nab a cheap last minute deal, you may find that still affording the whole holiday outright on top of spending money could be difficult in some cases. Taking out a loan could allow you to take advantage of the last minute deals that are out there and whilst you’ll have to pay interest in the long run, you could still save money overall opposed to were you to book a holiday a couple months in advance.

By shopping around for loans, you can find one with the best interest rates. Even if you’ve got a low credit score, you can always consider personal guarantor loans from Buddy Loans and similar sites (such loans also build your credit score as you pay them back).

Avoid destinations/attractions that require long-term arrangements

Some destinations may require a certain amount of preparation which may be impossible when booking a last minute trip. For example, in some countries, getting vaccines before you go is recommended – these vaccines often have to be taken in stages over several months before you go away. As a result, it could be worth avoiding these destinations.

Meanwhile, there may be certain attractions that may require booking tickets far in advance. For example, if you’ve always wanted to go to Sydney to see a performance in the Sydney Opera House, this is something you’re probably going to want to book in advance to secure tickets. The majority of attractions won’t require buying tickets in advance but some will do and it’s worth doing your research into this before you buy your flights and hotel. —————————————————————-
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