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I have been waiting a MONTH to write this, I had it scheduled and was ready to write and then … my laptop broke. I have a new one and the first post I am writing is about this marvellous find in Southampton. Everyone knows that I am a foodie and always have to take an epic photo of foods that I love. Mentioned in my previous post How to Stay Motivated for Any Goal, I go to a café with wifi before I head to work and work on my blog. That café is Pere Waffle.
I am new to Southampton, and don’t know where to go to work with wifi that is worth the value of money. Until I walked past Pere Waffle for a week and decided to go in and try. I never tried waffles before but something told me to just go in. Oh my goodness, thank you to the waffle gods for blessing us with this place. Honestly … I can’t wait to have more 12pm starts at work so I can have my morning waffle. Molly – stop babbling.

History of Pere Waffle
Before I babble (nearly said waffle … ) on about my experiences (yes plural) at Pere Waffle, here is some background information on the company. The company was founded by two friends Amjad and Jonas, expats in England. After visiting Paris they founded the company based on the ethics of fresh local produce and packaging whilst blending French and English cuisine.
The head chef is called Nicolas Breneliere who has travelled all over the world perfecting his craft. Countries he has visited and cooked include the French Alps, Greece and Abu Dhabi …. Oh and he runs a restaurant in Lisbon. I always like to research where I go to eat before I visit, but I didn’t for Pere Waffle I just went because I acted on an instinct and thank goodness I did.
My Experience
First thing, I am such a décor gal and this place is right up my street. From the minimalistic colour match to the neon lighting, ah, so many photos I have taken secretly without looking like an obsessed Instagram girl (not a bad thing either). It has such good lighting, quick wifi and really nice staff – so accommodating and do anything to make your experience better. 
I had no idea where to start, but I was fancying chocolate so that is what I went for. The lady who worked there helped me to choose and understand the menu. Firstly I chose Banana Split, it came with bananas, berries, chocolate, ice cream and every goodness you can imagine. I surprised myself with actually how much I liked it, I also had a green tea with it as well because I had to balance out the chocolate with something healthy at least right? 
My second trip, I decided to try something a little different .. wow Molly, well done. I didn’t want anything sweet, so I went for the Four Cheese Papounet (Stuffed Waffle). This was before Christmas so the detox didn’t start yet. It came with a salad – helpful seeing as I was stuffing four cheeses down my throat. I also chose their homemade lemonade – they didn’t have lemon slices so I chose lime instead. You can tell it was fresh lemonade and for the price you pay you get a LOT of lemonade. The thing with portions … Pere Waffle treat you. 
Want to know what I got on my fourth trip (3rd trip I had same as the first and 5thjust a drink) … holy moly. I got the waffles to beat all waffles. Mont Blanc … brownies, brownies and more brownies…. Oh and ice cream of course. I just wanted to treat myself to something bad but it tasted so good. It is so so so so so worth it. 
This month I have been working a lot of 10am starts, so haven’t been able to visit yet. However, hopefully when work settles and have more of a routine (all hospitality staff – you get me), I will be able to go back and visit and sample the whole menu which will probably be by the end of February if not March.
There is a reason why I visit so much and always have a waffle is because I always want to support local independent businesses, especially those that help me with my blogging. I do feel slightly bad that I use their wifi but the main reason why I go there now is to eat a whole lot of their food because they work hard and their food is AMAZING. They are the reason why I get content out and I always have a meal because it is so good and to support them with their business … plus I can’t get enough of the lemonade, brownies and waffles.
I hope you enjoy this read, I intend to visit Pere Waffle a WHOLE lot more and post so many more photos up onto my Instagram because why the hell wouldn’t I! If you want to visit Pere Waffle in Southampton, which I recommend you do here are the details.
02380 637170
95 Above Bar Street
By the time this post comes out I will have hopefully had some amazing news about a recent life update, even writing this now I get apprehensive. This is such a big change and I cannot wait to share the news with you all. It will change everything about this blog and my personal life. AHH too exciting! Hope everyone’s start to 2019 is going well!
UPDATE: I have been informed from a friend back in Southampton that Pere Waffle has now closed permanently. I am sad to hear this news always had great food and service whenever I went. 
Mol xo

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