Meet The Blogger Series: Top Family Travel Bloggers in 2019

I know I am not a Family Travel Blog and I do not have kids, so why am I writing about something I don’t know? One of my first posts I created on my placement year at Waytostay was a Family Travel Guide. It was a very extensive and intricate post which had over 2500 words, from that I was in contact with at least 20 family travel bloggers and since then have loved following them. I don’t intend to start a family for another 5+ years, however working in a travel company opened my eyes to the diverse range of travellers. I remember all of my memories as a child travelling, and I love seeing other families document their travels and help others.

So if you happen to be a reader of mine and have a family and are thinking of travelling, keep reading as I have selected 9 Family Travel Bloggers to follow that I have followed the past 3 years. I find that reading blogs outside of your niche can really inspire you in ways you didn’t realize and you can find some great content to read. I started to follow these bloggers way before I started my blog, so I thought it would be nice to say thanks to them for their inspo by including them in this post!

1 – Mini Travellers 

Everyone say hello to Karen and her clan … I have heard of the Mini Travellers for a long time now and relate to them as they are part of the UK explore community. As a youngster, I can’t remember sitting in front of the TV, I was always out washing the car in the sun or cycling round national parks. That is why I think the Mini Travellers are great, because there are so many local attractions in the UK for all the family to create the best memories. This award-winning blogging family are off to so many incredible places including New York and Corfu, it really does show that any city can be a family friendly place to visit.

I found the Mini Travellers to have such a unique spin on family travel, as they have events on their site and ways to make it family friendly including festivals. I think that is great because when I was younger I always thought “there aren’t any festivals that children can go to” but now I think “why not?”. I think it is fab that Kate combats that challenge and shows ways for festivals to be family friendly. I am not the most festive of people or into commercial customs, however I know this post is in January but the MiniTravellers have some great content on Families during Christmas and other seasonal times of year. I find it difficult to write specifically about travel, but posts like these inspire me to.

2 – Tin Box Travellers

I first came across these guys a few years back, and where I have just caught back up with their travels I relate to them because of their base in Devon. As I lived in Cornwall myself, I love the fact that they promote the South West as a destination to visit for families. I have so many great memories as a child in the South West, so the Tin Box travellers are firm favourites for me and should be especially for families travelling in the UK. Make sure to give Claire and her family of travellers a follow for useful tips regarding UK Family Travel.

Never be wary about reading content you may not relate to, because what makes these guys special is that they have content that is useful for different types of travellers including myself. I have found within the travel community, on their websites there are a lot of resources on how to better your own blog with other useful information. This is what these guys do, alongside travel checklists. It just widens their reader list and their community grows stronger which is the best thing about the travel community. Any bloggers out there needing a fresh read? Consider following the Tin Box Travellers, a firm favourite on my Family Travel Bloggers List.

3 – World Travel Family

These guys are new on my radar, however I am so glad they are on this list. Not that it matters, but their content on social media is … B E A-UTIFUL. Honestly I am mesmerised by the creations on their social media alongside their 177,000 followers. There are two points I would like to talk about next. Firstly, there are so many countries they have visited that I wouldn’t even think about as taking a family to including Sri Lanka and Tibet. However, their travels have totally changed my perceptions of countries for the better. Who loves road trips? I do! We used to get the ferry over to France and drive down to the South of the country, we had so many road trips and my parents made it fun by doing different challenges. I really like how the WorldTravel Family do the same thing and have travel tips on the road.

They have been travelling for 5 years non-stop, so you may think well what about school? What is different about their blog is that they have a whole section on home-schooling an even offer advice on the best way to go about it and how to do it correctly. I think go for it if you want to and can afford it, travelling the world is a great learning experience for anyone and especially kids. If you are thinking of travelling the world with your family but still want your children to have an education, talk with these guys for top advice.

4 – Wyld Family Travel

 I follow only a few travel bloggers on Facebook because I hardly use it to be honest and only have those on there that I have followed for a while and one of those is the Wyld Travel Family. From the start they always seemed so friendly and interactive, so meet Mark, Bec, Willow and Marley. It is always nice to see their updates on their travels on Facebook and in January 2019 they embark on a year-long journey across Asia and Europe. The reason why they are on my Family Travel Bloggers is because of their statement on their site, they want their kids to be better world citizens – I mean that is what we all need in this day and age.

The family are from Australia and have a focus on affordable travel, my family have never had the money to travel full-time, which isn’t right or wrong but it wasn’t our path in life. However, we saved when we could and had the best holidays, without all the frills of expensive products/services – again not wrong either. However, I really like the fact that Mark and the family, share their tips on how to enjoy your trip without worrying about breaking your balance too much.

5 – Globe Totting

Globe Totting are one of the original family bloggers I came across nearly 3 years ago, they just had all the information and content anyone could possible need. Say hello to Katja and her family, they spent 12 years in Australia, India and Mexico and now have settled in the UK. Now why are they on this list? I try and create as much useful content as possible when I am not travelling, and Katja creates great content on products that can help you travel or just in normal life including gift guides for grandparents. I mean, even as a 22 nearly 23 year old, I still don’t know what to get my grandparents and I wish I had this list before I bought my presents for the previous Christmas. 

I love the marketing process for travel, because it is hard to lie about your travels I can imagine and from what I have seen there is a lot of honesty in the content I have read on destinations – positive and negative. So I trust when travel influencers work with tour brands, including Globe Totting who help people choose their perfect holidays by partnering up with tour operators. I definitely recommend these guys, they are legit and have great useful content.

6 – One Tiny Leap 

Say “Oi/Hello” (this will make sense” to Maria and her family from One Tiny Leap, based in Brighton they have the most idyllic content and photos I have ever seen from Family Travel type of content. By the way, Brighton is one of the best cities in the UK and certainly worth a visit. So, why did I ask you to say “Oi” to Maria? She is based between the UK and Portugal and she has Portuguese language guides on her blog. There aren’t many bloggers that do this but I find it extremely useful as if any regular readers of mine know, I advocate knowing a few words in different languages. Going to Portugal with the family, give their guides a read and learn a language together.
Normally for Christmas and Birthdays, I don’t ask for presents but my family know that I would have rather have money towards travel than them buy me presents. I do the same for my family, buy them useful products or put money towards things they need. However, I always say I need certain things for travels and if they are a good cheap price, I would recommend it to someone asking what I wanted for my birthday. So, One Tiny Leap have come to the rescue with a travel gift guide FOR ALL AGES. So now we all know what to get anyone who loves travel!

7 – Adventure Travel Family

I love this family because they have such an open and positive outlook to life in every aspect. I really like how they are completely honest about their blogging and travelling journey, for example their update on coming home from long-term travel to travelling and experiencing an earthquake. Let’s be honest, there will be bad days when you travel but they embrace it and put a positive spin on some things that happen – including hate comments. I was super nervous having a blog and never admitted to my family or friends that I have one, however that barrier has gone down now and of course no one understands. I like how the Adventure Travel Family accept it and take it into their stride. 

With the increase of awareness of Family Travel bloggers, there seems to be more acceptance on ways to bring up your family especially with the awareness of our world. The Adventure Travel Family are Vegan based and have play based home-schooling. I do think it is often worth seeing methods that other bloggers use to get around travelling, because it may offer more opportunities. I just think this family is a brilliant addition to this guide because of their diversity.

8 – Flying with a Baby

As the blog title suggests, Carrie and her family have a superb amount of tips on how to fly with a baby. I am not pregnant or plan to be anytime soon, however when I am on planes and think of my future, I praise the parents that bring their children on flights because it must be a lot of work compared to just figuring airports out for yourself. Carrie is an ex-flight attendant so obvious she is the one to go to for tips, but there are also really useful tips including how to deal with flying when one parent has anxiety… something I never would think of reading but in hindsight is really practical. What if my future husband hates flying?

I think when it comes to family travel, reviews must be taken seriously (and at any time to be honest) because you have more than yourself to look after and need to choose wisely who you fly with or stay with. There are so many destinations and different airline they have flown with, with reviews so you can choose for yourself with is the best option for your family. I will be remembering this blog for years to come when I eventually need to fly with children – thank you Flying with a Baby!

9 – Travel Babbo

Next up, is a family travel influencer who has been on my radar, and probably on yours for a while because Eric and his family (Travel Babbo)are the number 4 travel influencer – I mean that is a massive achievement. They have always been a source of information for, not just for their family travel tips but the destinations they go and the practical content including simple things like what to pack in your carry on. Again, mentioned previously right now in my mindset the thought of me older even taking one child to Spain (even me speaking Spanish) scares me because there isn’t just me travelling. Let alone the Maldives or Singapore that this family go to, their breakdown of tips and easy to read content makes it so much easier for their readers just how they do it.

Again, because I love scrolling through Instagram and I am sure there are others of you too not too ashamed to admit it, their photos are simply gorgeous. Their paradise/idyllic family travel photos are enough for you to want to recreate it or have your own experiences with your family. These guys are one of the original influencers I came across and are smashing it!


Again, a really weird and different blog post for me but I actually really liked it. I want to push the boundaries of my blog because it is obvious that I won’t be travelling 365 days, 24/7. I am okay with that, but I do have stories to share and only now am I making plans to be brave enough to share them and update my blog so the experience is as good for you as it is for me. I really hope you found this blog useful, I already have the Meet the Bloggers Series and wanted to expand it to bloggers not in my niche. I find inspiration in other niches.

By the time this post is out, I will either have either found out my big reveal or patiently waiting for it still – in the mean time check out my newest post. I am of course writing this in December as I am super organised, and again I am super impatient for this news. I cannot wait to share my journey, explore new places and work on this blog and my career. Wow it is only just the start of 2019 and I am getting soppy (forget I am writing this in December). Hope everyone’s start to the new year is fab!

Mol xo

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