How To Keep Wanderlust Alive When You Aren’t Travelling

I bet many people and especially travel bloggers think this, what happens when you aren’t travelling? Some bloggers are full time and others like myself have had jobs and education in between, so how do you keep wanderlust alive? Is it Instagram stalking your favourite accounts or crying into a box of tissues because everyone else on your Facebook timeline seems to be flying to here there and everywhere. Let’s be honest, having something to dream about makes it so much more fun to look forward to and make steps to make it a reality!

So the question is… what can we all do to keep wanderlust alive? Don’t you worry I got you sorted!! I may have not done all of these but I am a pro in at least 50% of them and have plans to do the other 50%. Plus, I have to make sure that I do these so I can keep up this blog too because I love to create content! Ready to get started and have ideas? Keep on reading!!!

1 – Bucket List

Starting with the most obvious of ideas, which is a bucket list. As much as I love lists, I don’t even have room for a bucket list for my destination but I always have a Top 5. Right now it is Portugal, Croatia, Greece, Poland and Switzerland. So as long as an opportunity comes up, I always know where I went to go next. Having a bucket list will give you something to work towards, and statistics say that if you write something down you are more likely to do that than if you didn’t write it down. So … write it down, make it your wallpaper on your laptop or be creative and place a massive poster all over your bedroom wall. So I may be joking about the massive poster, or am I? Who knows. However, it is a simple trick that will give you something to work towards and look forward to. It is the simple things.

I thought I would be generous and present some of the best travel bloggers who have amazing tips from years in the travel industry. First up, we have Y Travel Blog, one of the first bloggers I ever came across. They have a whole guide on why having a bucket list is the best idea ever, they even give some of their previous bucket list ideas! Don’t think I will be joining them on swimming with whale sharks – I am too scared!

2 – Print The Memories

Obviously my favourite memory growing up was looking over my family photos in a photo album. Yes, I can just look at my phone but we are all so invested in our phones it takes us away from what is happening right now. So, why not print your photo’s off with Cheerz and make a scrapbook of memories. Do something productive with your day, by yourself or with friends and make a lifetime of memories come to life in a book to share with your kids and maybe grandkids. Also, if you have something physical to look at it will make you want to recreate them memories. I have always wanted to do a scrapbook, maybe it is time. I have over 200 photos from Cheerz printed out and waiting to be stuck together. That is another resolution for 2019, print off recent pictures of Barcelona and Rome and buy a photobook … see it has got me going now! Setting a reminder for the 1st of January… are you??
In previous posts you may have seen, I recently printed out numerous prints with Cheerz. They have so many different packages and products to choose from, from magnets to photobooks. I have posters and retro prints of all my travels. Here is their website to check out their deals and here is what I got! One of my favourite ways of keeping wanderlust alive.
3 – Scratch Map


I am not the biggest fan of maps, I can’t lie to you unless they are creative. I remember measuring my friends wall so he could have a MASSIVE map stuck onto his wall as he is a massive traveller. Then, after that I saw numerous people pin destinations to their map to show where they are going which is fab. Then, people, came the Scratch Map where you can scratch with your coin destinations you have been to and underneath is this beautiful image of colour of the country you have been to. It is that beautiful it makes you want to visit the rest of the world to unveil the beauty of the map. I mean what more motivation do you have other than seeing an unfinished masterpiece waiting to be finalised??? So tempted to pop into Urban Outfitters and buy their one! It is my birthday soon … could put money towards it?

There are a few places that you can buy these scratch maps from. Firstly, my favourites at Urban Outfitters sell them for £20. Personally, for it’s style and quality I think is a pretty good deal and investment. For a cheaper price at £11.95 you can get this colourful scratch map from John Lewis. It is Christmas coming up, you can treat yourself or if you know someone that will appreciate this … it would make a nice present.
4 – Quotes

Does anyone else daily (when their data/internet works – still not over it o2 – just kidding) scroll through Pinterest like a stalker looking for good quotes. Gone are the days of writing quotes on Facebook – unless Facebook memories reminds you of the cheesy days and I will not be enduring pain to have a tattoo quote. I do believe that travel quotes have the best and most diverse choice of wording. So I suggest saving a quote to be your wallpaper on your phone so everyday you can see it when you check your social media. Or … have it printed and frame it to your wall so when you wake up, before you even see your phone you see it staring straight at you. OMG PAINT IT ON THE CEILING. If you can. Just me trying to be creative.
I am one of the biggest and probably most obsessive quote collector, in a good way of course. So where else to find at least one than on a post by Make Time To See The World … there are 75 quotes to choose from…. I mean come on you are really spoiled for choice. To make it personal, you can write the quotes on Canva and create your own design to download onto your phone!
5 – Travel Related Hobby

This one is tricky for me because there are so many hobbies to choose from. It doesn’t necessarily have to be travel-related but more about the passion. Before I even flew home to England from Barcelona, I was scared. Scared because I didn’t know if I could ever feel the way I felt in Spain ever again, it is a feeling I can’t describe. Somehow this little slowly growing blog, is bringing back that love and passion in ways I never thought of. It gives me drive to keep creating content which motivates me to travel and has bought me opportunities to do amazing collaborations including going round Rome on an Electric Bike – thank you The Roman Guy. Just do something that excites you again and makes you feel full of emotion, love and passion. God, I am getting super emotional right now … pass me the tissues.
This is probably one of my favourite tips for my keeping wanderlust alive post, because now I am introducing you to Never Ending Footsteps. I came across Lauren at the start of my career working in travel and loved her honesty in how travel can have it’s ups and downs. Here are her reasons on why you should start a Travel Blog … enjoy.

6 – Job Abroad?

Oooohhh, I bet this one gets your brains thinking, eh?? It got mine thinking “oh big point” when I wrote it. Would you take the plunge? Are you thinking of obstacles like “what would I do”, “I don’t know any languages” and “I don’t know anyone?” Do you know what you should reply? I do … IT DOESN’T MATTER. Grab the bull by the horns (not literally obvs) and just go for it. If you don’t try you will never know. Many jobs nowadays abroad are so diverse including roles that you don’t necessarily need to speak the language. Gosh there are so many people travelling now that you will meet someone who speaks your native tongue or is in the same boat as you. I am telling you it was the best decision I made and do I regret it?? Yes. Wait what? I regret not doing more… hence why I still travel to this day. To never stop.
Take a read from this Go Abroad post, they have been a prominent source of information for all travellers for as long as I can remember. I very much agree with point 3 and 4 … what are they you say? You better click on the link to find out!

7 – Start Saving

As much as I hate the word save as it can get too complicated, it is obviously key in this because what do you need to book trips? Money. Say if you are working more hours than needed, and not going out as much go through your emails and daily habits. You may have forgotten that you are paying for stuff you have forgotten about. For example, maybe you are paying for Netflix, Amazon and Hayu or other streaming services… just pay for one. Try and find deals to minimise your spend. If you don’t want to give up having a Costa, grab a Costa card and save money on deals there. Apparently, if you keep a habit up for 21 days then after it is a lifestyle and you won’t hesitate on changing and it makes it easier. Day 1 … lets go! Plus, if you like spreadsheets and love being organised, perhaps have a budget sheet!
THANK YOU to Expert Vagabond who reiterates the fact that you don’t need to be rich. Everyone kept asking how I afforded trips during uni and writing a dissertation and it wasn’t actually that difficult, just have to be clever. Make sure to give the whole website a read, there are some fab tips here. Trust me I have been a reader for a while.
8 – Make a Plan

You know those people that have a set country in mind and know exactly where they want to go? Yeah that isn’t me. I only had that thought with Rome, and now I don’t know where I really want to go to. I mean, I really want to go everywhere but one place doesn’t stand out because everything looks so pretty. Perhaps, narrow your favourite destinations down to 3 and research more about them. Write down everything you will want to do, and the more research you do the more secrets you will find out about that place and love it more. Like I mentioned previously, it is known that if you write down something (e.g. A PLAN) then you are more likely to complete it. So go, write it down, right now. Yes right now … Is it done? Good. Do I have a plan? Of course but can’t tell you just yet. Keep your eyes peeled.

Again, here is another LEGENDARY travel blogger, another one I have been reading for at least 2 years. Nomadic Matt gives you 17…. Yes 17 steps to planning your next trip. What makes it easier is that there is a table of contents so it is easier to work around. See keeping wanderlust alive can be super easy!
9 – Keep in Touch with Friends

Since my recent trip, I have never caught up more with the friends I have met on recent trips until this point. The people I met are the best sort of people, living their best lives and don’t second guess anything. So positive and makes me want to do more with my day. Of course the day I got more data for my phone, the network failed so hopefully by the time I have published this post I would have caught up with my friends. I think by reconnecting with people who you have created experiences with will lead to more memories in the future. How emotional is this post going to get? Please ignore me. Lesson is, make sure to make an effort with those who made an impact on your journey. Remember it is always amazing to be nice and supportive.
If you are wondering how to make these awesome travel friends, don’t you worry Adventurous Kate has you sorted with her wisdom. Her tips of staying in hostels and hanging out in the hostal bars are 2 I definitely agree with and you should try out.
10 – Just Keep Dreaming

Yes in reference to my last point, this post can get more emotional and cheesy. I am going back to referencing Hilary Duff’s The Lizzie McGuire points on my recent trip to Rome where I met the best girls. Our dreams came true finding Italian guys on Vespa’s naming them Paolo and singing “This is What Dreams Are Made Of”. As long as you keep dreaming or thinking about travelling nothing can go wrong. Let’s be honest you aren’t going to forget about the memories that are so epic are you? Do whatever you have to do to keep those memories alive and start any new journey whether that be a year abroad or a 3 week vacation. Make the most of the life we have, because it is too short not to go after something we desperately want or deserve.

I don’t think you need anymore cheesy tips on why to keep dreaming to keep wanderlust alive so I will leave this tip right here so I stop blabbering on …


Okay, so I think that is enough motivational/emotional/cheesy talk for now right? Out of those 10 tips, I pray one of these you found useful and helpful. Has anyone else got any ideas on how to keep wanderlust alive? I would love to hear about them. I haven’t been abroad for nearly 3 months and the anticipation is very very hard, however it is soon to be over. I am also planning another trip to Amsterdam because why not and I am not done with that place yet. Anyone wanna come?

It is only 13 days left until Christmas! Have you got all of your presents? Written all of your cards or put your Christmas tree up? I think it is time. The market here in Southampton is incredible, and at certain times of the evening there is a real-life person Santa Clause in his Sleigh with (pretend) reindeer and on this weird zip-wire “flies” above the Christmas Market and says hello to everyone. It is epic, feeling totally festive. Are you?

Mol xo

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