Meet the Bloggers Series 2: Barcelona Bloggers

Say a massive “hola” to my 2nd series of my “Meet the Bloggers” and to the fabulous Barcelona Bloggers featured on my post today. I love how empowering and supportive the travel community are and I want to give something back to the community. My last series was all about the Twitter Group of Bloggers I communicate with and this next one is super personal to me as well.

As most of you know by now, I used to live in Barcelona and during my time I came across TONS of Barcelona Bloggers. I loved them then and even more now, because I am back home when I come across their content it gives me so much more determination to travel more and one day be back in Barcelona. Trust me when I say, these accounts are EPIC, the content is beautiful and you will be scrolling down their blog and Instagram’s for ages.

1 – A Little Blonde In Paradise

Credit: A Little Blonde in Paradise Facebook

It is only appropriate to start this blog with the first ever Barcelona Blogger I came across, that is Brigitte who is Dutch based in the city. I loved her content because we have similarities, both were students in Barcelona and are blonde so instant blog and social media follow for me. First of all her Instagram is so vibey, no matter where she goes her content is so consistent and makes her profile look even more mesmerizing. Idyllic is the word that comes to mind. On her Instagram stories she goes to numerous cafes with other bloggers and it is total goals and makes me want to visit the 72637283 cafes on my list to visit. So thanks Brigitte for adding all those cafes to my list.

With her blog, I really like the diverse range of content she has for us to read. I always get wary, but also very aware that creating niche posts is better for SEO but I am scared people won’t be interested in them. Her posts for example Coffee Spots of the Month: Espai Jolui Cafe and Skye Coffee Co. are something I would be too nervous to post because I suppose I am still new to blogging. Because she has a range of general and specific posts it makes her blog so interesting to read and really is something for everyone. Right now, I am loving her Ubud Travel Guide, giving me the ultimate wanderlust feels.


Blog Site 


2 – Sol (We Go to Blog)

Credit: We Go To Blog Facebook

Again this girl who I came across through Brigitte, her Instagram is ultimate goalz alongside her amazing pictures of gorgeous buildings and waffles in Sweet Gaufre — which I didn’t even know existed and now I HAVE to go back purely for that waffle! Just go to her Instagram to find out why! I love a good city break and Sol’s content is up my street with photos of Barcelona, nearby towns and Greece – I still am not over Mamma Mia 2! Sol alongside The Barcelona Diaries (next up) have created the Barcelona Travel Girls Instagram Account to create a community for women travelers in the city. This girl had to be on my Barcelona Bloggers list for all these reasons.

Sol also has a blog called We Go To Blog, straight away it has an overview of her Instagram which I think is a nice change to other blogs I see. She has some amazing content coming soon including her trips to Warsaw and Italy but also travel tips and Barcelona posts. She has hotel reviews of the most gorgeous places and makes me want to book right away. My personal favourite is the Riad Anata in Fes! Website Instagram Facebook

3 – The Barcelona Diaries

Say buenos dias to Soledad, again who I came across through Sol and Brigitte. This is why I love these three girls, I always see them on their Instagram stories in cute cafes working towards them goals. It motivates me to go to different places to do blog work and focus on my goal of living in Spain and being around hard-working people. Yes, I am saying this again but her Instagram is also very beautiful alongside her posts of food which is amazing because I am a massive foodie. I LOVE that her content is 80-90% Barcelona, because let’s face it, I am obsessed and can’t get enough of the city. She also has amazing content of nearby cities that people may not be aware of.

Okay this blog is a different level, not something I have seen before she has guides on Barcelona including her personal recommendations of the city and maps. This is hella cute and worth paying the small price for the larger one, I would pay anyone to tell me their local recommendations. I am a foodie, like I have said before so I am loving her post on Top 15 Healthy Restaurants because right now I am experimenting with healthy food. No surprise to see this incredible woman on my Barcelona Bloggers series. Website Instagram Facebook

4 – Farah in the Sun

This gyal, the reason why I am adding the extra sassy “y” is because her content is so empowering and sassy, makes me feel like I can take on the world. In her bio it says, career, health and sunshine and isn’t that what we all want? I do think sometimes Instagram sells a dream, but by having that in her bio it makes me think that I can have everything I put my mind to – travelling and a career. She also has a pastel blue and pink theme going on and I am all for it. Like, keep going hun cause I am loving it. Got in contact with her recently and she is such a sweetie, so down to earth and genuine.

As soon as you get on her website, it shows how supportive she is to the community but also to people in general. It says she is about “inspiring you to be the best version of yourself”. Again, I love how she has a travel vibe but also incorporates career and health which I love because I want to try and have a balanced life. So, I always visit her blog when I want to be inspired and get motivated to work harder on my goals. My favourite read right now is “How to turn your dreams into action”.




5 – Eat in Bcn

Credit: Eat in Bcn Facebook

I HAD to include a foodie based account on this Barcelona Bloggers list, come on now, should know me by now! By far, Barcelona has been my favourite city EVER for food, I have been to so many restaurants and they DELIVER. So, I couldn’t help myself when I went and followed Carla, who I also have been in contact with and is a super nice girl! From local tapas and to sweet treats, there is a variety of food options for every type of foodie. Her Instagram content also helps me practice my Spanish as I do speak Spanish, so she makes me feel part of the community more through her foodie posts and spanish content! So thank you Carla!

Onto her blog, the best thing is about her content is the fact that it isn’t only about the food. She described the restaurant, best time to go and all the important information including opening times and price. So, rather than just explain the experience she gives so much useful information for her readers. HOLD UP, not just restaurant reviews but…hotel reviews as well. Barcelona is home to some of the most stunning hotels ever, like Instagram goals. So make sure to check out Carla’s post about Retox Brunch at Hotel W. Website Instagram Facebook


I really hope that you like my 2nd part of the Meet the Travel Bloggers Series, I really enjoyed writing it and is something I have wanted to do for a long time. Barcelona is a place that has brought so much joy to my life and wanted to give something back. Make sure you give these girls a follow as they work so hard and their content is just insane.

I graduate tomorrow, scary for me and quite emotional. My uni experience was a roller coaster, MANY ups and downs but I wouldn’t change it for the world. The end of my university experience was a bit messy but I ended with a 2.1, a summer job and accomplishment. I am happy university is over as it is time for a new chapter, I am sad because it was a life changing chapter as I lived in Barcelona and had so many lessons that I learned. It is scary going into a new chapter, which no one really prepares you for. So watch out for some graduate opinions and advice!

Happy weekend xo

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  1. Ohhh girl!! This such a good post. What a great idea to highlight some Barcelona bloggers. All those girls have such great content.

    Those are the sweetest words about me. I am so happy that the message I want to send out to all the beautiful girls in this world including you comes across! Super sweet of you and you def keep me inspired too!

    Keep up the amazing content. Love your blog too!


  2. thank you so much!! Glad you enjoyed it, loved highlighting the girls that inspire me daily! I love to give back to you and those that help me daily to continue what makes me happy! aww thanks hun, you too! Looking forward to updating my blog in the next coming months! x

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