Where to Eat in Barcelona: Bol Healthy Bowls

I am not going to lie to you and pretend I am innocent, one very hungover morning I was craving food and one of my main reasons to visit Barcelona was Bol. So, this was the perfect time for me to go and feel great at the same time because it is super healthy. I feel like this year, is the year of people being more aware of vegetarian and vegan diets, overall just being more healthy.

In Spain, I would normally document my eating experiences including a lot of carbs, burgers and pizzas. So, it is nice for me to finally experience some fab healthy food experiences, because the Mediterranean diet and the markets in Spain are super healthy. When I lived in Spain, I couldn’t eat carbs or dairy, my stomach wouldn’t hack it and it has never happened before. I lived off of meat and veg but never was creative, so being able to consumer some tasty dishes was good for me — just one year too late! If you are pondering where to eat in Barcelona, consider, I mean definitely choose Bol!

What is Bol?

I came across Bol when I started following all these social media influencers in Barcelona, all I saw across my Instagram feed were these healthy bowls. I hate all those stereotypical healthy foods like kale, avocado (except in guacamole) and whatever else, that is just my taste buds choice. What stood out about Bol Barcelona, was that it contained simple ingredients but made it look so insane and there were dishes for everyone.

They are great when finding dishes for those with food intolerances, so for me being dairy free in Spain, it is fab! The staff are super friendly too, everything I expect from them and more. I also recommend following them on Instagram because it is feed goals and will give you food inspo from the get go.

What Did I Have?

Even from walking into the cafe, it just was so cute, the decor was amazing because it was so simplistic and didn’t look too extra. The food is art in a bowl, so I am glad that the decor isn’t too much because it would be wayyyyy to much. I decided to get a green tea and an Acai Bowl (I had NO idea how to pronounce it so thanks to the waitress who helped me). The Acai Bowl is the staple art in a bowl that is all over social media and it is a superfood.

So, the acai bowl includes an acai smoothie topped with banana, berries, granola, coconut shavings and a whole lot of other goodies. I have smoothies everyday but to have it with other healthy snacks made it a whole different kettle of fish (aka something unique and out of this world). This will be quite a small post because of the lack of photos as my phone battery suffered due to the heat — lesson learned be more prepared and buy a portable battery!

Excuse me I am still trying to figure out how to get the Instagram embed to the center, someone help!. However there are TONS of other dishes I would recommend which I will be having in the future. The Cosmic Blue Bowl just looks goals but is includes blue spirulina, blueberries, chia, granola, nibbs and coconut .. it almost looks too pretty to touch! There is also a Peanut Butter Bowl which has chia, avena, peanut butter, banana, almond milk and almonds! However, as I tucked into my smoothie bowl, the guy next to me had this amazing salad which I wish I ordered as well! Including Super California with Salmon, Benedict Turmeric Waffles and Avocado Toast Bowl. A foodie heaven right?

Again, very sorry for a short post and if it isn’t what anyone expected but I had to share my experience! When I go back to Barcelona, I will have a fully charged phone, with a portable charger and a friend and will order TONS of stuff. I was a poor graduate and needed a break, I ordered what I could afford. Anyway, I hope this has at least given anyone, someone some advice on where to eat in Barcelona, especially a foodie.

Has anyone been to Bol Barcelona? What did you think of it and what did you have?? There are TONS of healthy food restaurants in the city, it is definitely something I want to experience more and share. Just need to head back to the city! I have just got back from a wedding and have my graduation on Monday, so need to up my healthy eating game. As well as healthy eating, another way to look after yourself is to prep your skin so check out my recent post on Travel Skincare.

Mol xo

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