How to Create Memories with Cheerz

As much as I love this digital era, with Instagram, Snapchat stories and Facebook memories to look back on your best moments…I miss the simple things. I miss staring at a piece of art or sitting with my family going through old family photos in photo books.

So when I was lucky enough to win a competition which included prints from Cheerz, I was super excited. I got to fill up my university room with polaroids of all the things that made me happy, including my year away in Barcelona. Since then, for a few Christmases and Birthdays I gave my parents presents of calendars and prints. It was personal and different to  buying them socks and perrfumes.

I was lucky enough to be sent an item of my choice from Cheerz, and I knew exactly what I wanted. The age of 22 is confusing, most of my friends are settling down and I question whether I should keep on going travelling. Obviously, I do want to keep on travelling. I have also been on a massive journey and quotes are my thing. So I got a quote… find out more below.

What is Cheerz?

Cheerz is a photo printing company, where you can have an option of personalised items with pictures of your best memories. Since I first found out about Cheerz, they have just grown and grown and don’t seem to stop. Based in Paris, the production and delivery of the products are excellent. Every time I ordered items, they always turned up on time. The accessibility of it is even better as they now have an app…read below for more information. However, the answer to how to create memories? It is with Cheerz.


Last year I feel was the year of the polaroids, everyone was printing their memories of travelling and life onto physical prints. Did I want it? Hell yeah… I won a competition where I won a year subscription to a language app, Babbel and I believe 100 free prints from Cheerz (not including delivery charge). I was so bloody excited. I chose all my favourite memories from friends to travelling, I labelled them and had colourful backgrounds.

Once they arrived, I bought a pack of 100 pins and pinned them all up on my noticeboard for university. Original polaroids are 21p each and the larger ones cost 65p beach with only £2 delivery charge. You can also get them in cute boxes, what I gave my parents and they make such cute presents. Since moving back home, I still have my photos as I really want to start making memory books to stick them in. My family have a collection of 20 photo books full of memories of over 20 years and I want that for my future family.


Recently, I have been so obsessed with quotes and one day having my own place and having quotes on posters all on my wall. I was very fortunate to be sent an item fo my choice which was obviously a quote. Mine is very simple, it is a “life is awesome” quote on a baby pink background. I tend to overthink and like deep quotes, but this is so simple and reminds me life is awesome even when I am stressed.

I chose an original portrait which is 40x60cm for only £15 with £5 delivery. Trying to visualize the size in my head it was perfect if I wanted to get two more and have them in a line, it wouldn’t be too much for one wall (told you I overthink). When it arrived, I didn’t realise the size of it.. I am not good at mesmerizing it but it was everything I wanted it to be. You can get your portrait framed, but we have friends that can do it and I am a poor graduate! So, I can’t wait to have it framed but I need to find a place to put it.

The App

As I mentioned before, Cheerz have an app which makes it quicker to order your prints. I tend to stay away from ordering on apps because they never seem to work as well as companies website – different stock levels and reliability. However, this app makes it so much easier to shop. It works just the same way as the website and tells you if a photo isn’t suitable for your prints in terms of pixels and quality.

You have tabs for your account, your orders and the items that you can choose from. It is super easy to navigate and you have nothing to worry about. So if you are wondering how to create memories on this app, don’t worry it’s super easy and their customer service team are friendly.


I want to thank Cheerz for sending me such an awesome print, and although this is a collaboration all my thoughts are my own. I also have ordered with them three times before with my own money so I wouldn’t recommend a service if I didn’t believe in it. Cheerz have one loyal customer from me, because no doubt this Christmas I will be ordering something.

Want to get selfie ready and get that glow for any prints you want to show off to your friends? My recent post is all about looking after your skin when travelling, a lot of tips for the ultimate glow! If you are thinking of travelling and want some tips on keeping up your skin routine make sure to check out my Travel Skincare tips post. Hope you are all having a fab week, within 3 weeks I have a wedding to attend and my graduation so I am getting nervous!

Mol xo

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