Best Travel Skincare Tips for Every Traveler

Welcome to a very different kind of post, firstly I am not professional skincare expert this is purely from experience. The past year I have invested more of my money into skincare, my nan always taught me to look after my skin. As a child, I didn’t have bad skin but I always suffered with spots and tried every spot and cleansing cream going.

However, I noticed as I have got older I rely less on make up and more on looking after my skin to feel fresh and awake. Also, my mum and sister love using all my products to see what it is like and end up using all of my stuff! They also love to laugh at me when I try on my really weird face masks. I am telling you … the serum must be working because I got told that I looked 20 … I am nearly 23!

Travelling means putting your body through different environments, from being in the air, humid countries and to drinking every day for a week. It can have a massive toll on your body and wellbeing, make sure to prepare your skincare routine with these travel skincare tips.

Expectation Vs. Reality
I decided to do this post before my trip to Barcelona and Rome, so obviously I had the thought that I would bring my amazing skincare routine along for the ride. Every night I have a skincare routine and two days a week I do face masks so that wasn’t going to end. Until I went on my journey … I realised that I was not going to keep up my routine. Mainly because my holiday included a bit (a bit more) of alcohol, it was a well deserved break after a crazy year so skincare was less of a priority. However, I did use most of my products.

Don’t put too much pressure on always using your products, if you are having fun, enjoy it! That’s what I did because we aren’t here for a long time. My main tip when being abroad is to drink PLENTY, because obviously it is healthy but also it helps your skin a lot! When I lived in Barcelona, I drank 3 litres of water a day and my skin never looked so glowy. Also before I start, as people in general, we put so much pressure on ourselves from different influences on how we look. I don’t tend to anymore as I have got older, but I do this skincare regime for myself, not to look a certain way but to look after myself and not for anyone else! It is time for us to be  selfish and this is a tiny way of doing that,

Wash Your Face

First up on my travel skincare tips list is make sure to wash your face of any dirt when you wake up and go to bed. I swear by micellar water, I noticed that even with a clean face it collects so much dirt when I use micellar water on a cotton pad or face wipe. So imagine when you are out for the day or on a night out, you want all that stuff off of your face before you even think of putting on makeup on for your night out. I have a nose ring and find a lot of dirt is on my skin surrounding it so I always use a wipe to get it all off.

I always used face masks and I still do, however I always make sure that they have micellar in them because it gets every bit of dirt. I have been using it for two years due to recommendations over social media, I never follow “fad” trends but this has worked. I always use Simple Micellar Water and this travel size edition is perfect for hand luggage. It includes minerals and multivitamins so it cleanses the skin of impurities and make up, whilst making it feel hydrated. You can also get micellar water suited for different skin types. If you want to save room for other liquids, make sure to think about using face wipes with micellar water in them.


I have always used toner for as long as I can remember, ever since I have used it spots rarely make an appearance on my face. I swear by it! I always use toner for an extra wash for my face and too add either radiance or glow for my skin. As read from an article by Elle, toners remove excess oil, makeup and balance the skin, so great for those with oily prone skin. However, it is suitable for everyone because it acts as a primer and helps refine large pores. I always find that my skin always seems glowy when I use toner.

Enter the holy-grail of toners … Pixi Glow Tonic, I can’t remember which influencer I heard this from but I knew I wanted to try it. It comes in all shapes and sizes, so perfect for travelling and it also has Peel Pads which is a great alternative to its liquid form. The only different is the percentage of Glycolic Acid (the pads have more, will try them next). It acts as an exfoliant to dead skin cells, leaving skin with a glowy feature as it accelerates cell renewal (I can vouch for this). The aloe vera soothes and ginseng improves circulation. Basically get this. This is great for skin types, if you have combination to oily skin try the Caudalie toner.

Smooth It With Serum

I didn’t start using serum until not even a few years ago, I didn’t really know much about it and what it does. Now it is my favourite thing and something I couldn’t miss on this travel. Skincare tips list! What is serum? Well all of the ones that I use have Hyaluronic Acid in which gives me a glow to my face. It helps with moisture and gives ski and firm and smooth texture. I do find that when I apply serum, my face feels tighter and firmer … if that makes any sense.

I use different types of serums as each has different effects on my skin and I don’t want my skin to get too used to one product. At the moment, I am using Balance Me Congested Skin Serum. It is only 15ml so good for the liquid restrictions and lasts ages. I find that my skin has red blemishes and get a few mosquito bites, so this serum helps to sooth and diminish the blemishes. I also use Nip and Fab Dragons Blood Serum, it makes my skin feel so plumpy and tight (weird descriptive words, I know), but always makes my skin feel ready for the day.


Moisturizer is something I use now and then, because sometimes I find it quite heavy and I don’t want too much product on my skin. So I will mainly use it when my skin feels really dry and as a primer when I do my makeup. You can find gel like moisturizers which I prefer as it is lighter for my skin personally. But why use it? Obviously, the clue is in the name… it helps hydrate skin especially if it dry! You can get extra protection against the sun if it has SPF in it.

Being honest, I didn’t use much moisturizer during the day because it was so hot, but during the evening I used it for makeup and this will be good for cooler periods. I always use Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser because as it mentions in the name it isn’t heavy on my skin. You can also use Loreal Hydra Genius Aloe Water it is a gel alternative to moisturiser. I used this all the time and actually really liked it (thank goodness I have a shopping trip soon). My next moisturiser will be a glow moisturiser from The Body Shop, apparently it is fab!

A Little Bit Extra

It is time to step things up a little bit if you want something extra!


There is nothing better than putting any makeup spray in a fridge and spraying your face with a cold mist to freshen up. This could be anything from primer, setting spray or normal face mist. They can contain vitamins and nutrients that will benefit your skin and it is also light as well. I have 3 types of sprays depending on how I am feeling, if I want a bit of a glow for a night out or if it is super hot and I want a cool down. The best part is, all sprays that I have come with small or full size options so great if you want a travel liquid bottle.

If I had a job right now (hopefully within the next month), I would have at least 5 different types of spray… I can’t help myself. However, the 2 I feel that have a multi-purpose are my Mario Badescu Aloe, Cucumber and Green Tea Spray and Pixi Beauty Vitamin Wakeup Mist. Mario Badescu spray is great as a cooling spray but also is great as a final step after your makeup. Green Tea is also a miracle worker for your skin. Pixi Vitamin Spray is infused with Orange Blossom and it smells amazing, I use this in my morning routine as it gives me a glow and also before moisturiser to add more glow to my makeup routine. In terms of liquid restrictions, only Pixi is under 100ml but to be honest I would find a travel spray bottle. Other sprays I recommend.. Lush Tea Tree Spray and Urban Decay Vitamin Primer Spray and All Nighter Finishing Spray.

That Glow

I feel like 2018 extended the highlighting hype to glow, I have never wanted to glow to the high heavens more. Sometimes, I don’t want to wear much makeup when on holiday because it is too hot or I just can’t be bothered. However, I still want my skin to look “on fleek” and oils are the way to go, I am telling you, they make you look so glowy and natural it’s all you need. The best part is, the oils come in a small bottle so easy to get through security check easy and save space in your wardrobe. Easily one of my favourite travel skincare tips on this post!

Disclaimer: This little treat did cost me £20 BUT I have always wanted this, was in Sephora in Rome and I did not regret it. It is the Farsarli Rose Gold Elixir, what every influencer seemed to have used the past few years. I can admit that it works and gives a glow all day err’day. I either use this on it’s own during the day to add a glow or before my foundation or mixed in. My foundation has never looked so glowy and amazing. Yes, it is expensive but I deserved a treat after finishing university. Of course there are other oils that I recommend including Pixi Beauty (I am obsessed) Rose Oil Blend too.  
Exfoliate and Cleanse   

I use fake tan and make up when I go on nights out, and exfoliating your skin in general is great to get rid of dead skin and I find products go on better. You can get so many cleansers, there are gel cleansers but also dry ones that makes a paste and acts as a cleanser. Either way, when I was it off (before toner etc..) my face always feels soooo smooth so I tend to use this every single night. Read below to find travel friendly ways of having this in your hand luggage.

Both of my recommendations are NOT liquids, so again travel friendly and perfect for travelling. My favourite, I have unfortunately run out of and hid the box somewhere but it is Lush Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser. Just add some water and rub in your hands and it goes into a paste, once you wash off your face will be so smooth. Recently, I received a Birchbox and inside was Daily Concepts Soap Sponge Charcoal. It does three things … exfoliate, detox and balance so I cannot wait to use it tonight for my spa night. There is A LOT of soap, so a lot of use out of this and I need to find a box to keep it in to keep it fresh.

Bronze Me Up

Yes this is about skin care, but when I am on holiday I do bring my fake tan with me because I like looking tanned and its what I like to do. So if you don’t wear fake tan move onto the next tip, for other tan fanatics out there grab your mitts and favourite tan product and get applying. There is no explanation for what this does or why as it is personal!

Time to hand over to my favourites….Bondi Sands! I have used Bondi Sands for sooooo long, the formulas keep getting better and they have SO many types of tanning products. So, before I left for travelling I used the Express Tan as you can achieve different levels of tan depending on how long you leave it for so already its amazing. During my time away, I didn’t actually use the tan I bought with me as I realised no one could do my back so probably would only bring tan with me when I have a private hotel room and bring my multi-use mitt. However… travelling I realised I would only want a tan for one night as it would be difficult to maintain when travelling with normal tan. This is where I introduce their Glo Range there are 3 different types and I use the shimmer one because again I like to glo. It is so shimmery/glittery but highlights all the good places. Next time I will be going for the gloss as it looks EXTRA glowy. The best thing about this tan is that it dries QUICK and blends out so easy with NO transfer! It really does last one day, but still leaves bronze so it isn’t gone that quick. I applaud Bondi Sands on such a brilliant invention!

Mask Time

This is my HOLY GRAIL of travel skincare tips, because there are so many reasons to wear masks and the types. I normally have sheet masks, but I stay in hostels and to be honest (not that I am embarrassed) but I don’t want my roommates to feel uncomfortable when they see a sheet over my face. So I have a little secret for you in the next paragraphs. I do 2 face masks a week but why? Doing face masks twice a week helps drive our impurities and improve the appearance of your pores. My face just feels so refreshed after every mask. So if you are in a private hotel room or hostel, here are the perfect travel friendly masks below.

So recently I scared my dad because of my foil face mask but it was worth it because my skin felt so smooth in the morning. So obviously I mentioned that I have recommendations for private rooms and hostels. If I was in a private room, I would still use my sheet masks including Loreal Elvive Phytoclear, Garnier or NSPA Skin Firming Mask. However, I didn’t want to scare my hostel or future hostel with my sheet masks so I have Dr Botanicals Regenerating Pomegranate Superfood Sleeping Mask. So you still have that protective detox layer but no one even sees and you just wash it off in the morning! ———————————————————-
So girls and boys, I hope you found my travel skincare tips post useful as we gotta look ourselves. I am not saying do all of this, because I definitely didn’t do this when I went away and I didn’t mind it at all. Does anyone else have a skincare regime when they travel? Would love some more tips and product recommendations.

Whilst you do your skincare regime, you may want to watch a vlog whilst you wait 20 minutes for your mask to do its wonders. So check out my list of Top Travel Vloggers post I published recently! In terms of travel plans…. I have my next 3 places I want to visit …Paris, Croatia and Budapest. I am planning on moving back to Barcelona, whatever way I do it, so will be doing more trips to Madrid, Seville … But for now I am in England and need to figure all that out!

Mol xo

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