Top Travel Vloggers to Follow Right Now

Recently, there seems to be an influx of Vloggers and I have never been more obsessed with watching Travel Vloggers. The editing and drone game has gone crazy and there have never been so many talented content creators in the community. So I have listed down 5 of the Top Travel Vloggers for everyone to follow.

I spend at least 105760000 hours a week watching content (obviously a joke), and I can’t get over how beautiful the world looks from different perspectives. Funny Fact: I first came across a drone when I was sunbathing on Barceloneta and freaked out when I thought a bee was chasing me when it was actually a drone….The drone wasn’t chasing me but it sounds like a bee… Just ignore me and keep reading!

1 – Vagabrothers

Credit: Twitter

The start of my Top Travel Vloggers are The Vagabrothers, because they are so bloody cool, I have been a fan of theirs for so long and subscribed from the second I watched their videos. The Vagabrothers are Marko and Ayling and have created content over 50 countries and got to do some amazing stuff. Their website slogan “keep curious and keep exploring” is so cute (in a non weird way) and proper makes me excited.

So far my favourite videos of theirs are 31 Budget Travel Destinations, 17 Best Instagram Destinations and Spain Travel Guide. The reason why they are such cool vloggers, other than the quality of their content is just amazing but also they are genuinely nice guys. Their personality comes across so well in their videos, they are funny, optimistic and make you feel like you are their friends. This sounds super cheesy, I know, but I know how talented these guys are and just want to shout about it.

They also have a TV show…. These guys are the top dogs, I swear. So, if you want to follow check out their channel but they also have a blog with all their content on so go check it out!

2 – Hey Nadine

Credit: Twitter

The past two years, I have seen prominence of a lot of influential female content creators and I am loving all the girl power. Since, becoming a Digital Marketer over two years ago I discovered Nadine Skyora. She has some serious credentials, including over 400,000 subscribers and worked with some amazing companies. Her blog first up, I really liked because she shares her knowledge of how to become successful in content creation. I find the travel industry so much more empowered and welcoming and Nadine is at the heart of it.

My favourite videos of hers are Swimming with 50+ Sharks, Japan Travel for First Timers and Epic Sailing Race. What I like is how adventurous her content seems but also open to those who haven’t travelled and need advice. The vibe I get from her is pure edgy and living every moment to its best, but also giving advice for those who have no clue what they are doing. Makes her so genuine and down to earth. Make sure you follow this gal on her channel and blog. Glad I can put her in my Top Travel Vloggers list!

3 – Hand Luggage Only

Credit: Twitter

I HAVE to have these guys on here because they have always been content creators that I have followed, and they are the nicest lads too. I related to them so much because they started their blogging journey when they were in university, and that’s when I first discovered them. Firstly, they are foodies so have tons of good content and restaurant reviews on their blog and their personalities come across so well.

I then discovered their Youtube channel and it is another reason why I love them. Firstly, they go to the cutest places in the world that I would never have considered going to. For example, Hangzhou, Gdansk and Cusco. Sometimes, I don’t want to watch 40 minute plus vlogs, Yaya and Lloyd have the perfect length videos to inspire your wanderlust. I loved their Rickshaw against Northern Italy video, it was so inspiring and different! These guys were always going to be on my Top Travel Vloggers post because they always take time to reply to my tweets and are one of my main motivations to keep doing this blog.

4 – Blonde Abroad

Credit: Twitter

This absolute gem is another one of the original content creators that I discovered during my Digital Marketing Internship. I mean I know 2016, it late in terms of discovering blogging but there were two prominent types of influencers — solo females and families. Kiki, The Blonde Abroad was at the top of my search engine everytime I typed in a keyword. So when I discovered her social media, instantly I was blown away she was so professional with her content and it was the idyllic motivational I needed. So, I spent near enough everyday stalking her blog, in a very healthy way. By the way Kiki, I am loving your new website design!

As much as I hate using gender stereotypes, especially this year and stereotypes are not normally my thing. For a female solo traveller, she makes me so empowered as a woman to do more travelling. She has tips on packing, hairstyling and highlighting, because you shouldn’t stop looking after yourself during travelling. Also challenging the stereotypes, she has the most adventurous and crazy vlogs including swimming with sharks on her vlogs which is insane to me but also brave! Despite being a solo female travel blog, she also has tips on luxury, couple and student travel … so everyone follow her!

5 – Y Travel

Credit: Twitter

I wanted to cover ALL ground here on this post, so I am including the family travel bloggers/vloggers Y Travel Blog. I came across these guys when I was creating Family Travel Content for the company I was doing an internship at. They are such a gorgeous family and the content they create is super family friendly (obviously) but it has such a homely and comfortable feeling. It really reflects what the normal family does at home, but accessible abroad. They also have tips on how to budget, plan your trip and choose your destination.

Onto their vlog, and why they are on my Top Travel Vloggers list. If you and your family are interested in going to America, or are from America and looking for some different stuff to do, these guys can help. Their latest adventure was an American Road trip and they have captured all the moments for their channel. They have the Mardis Gras, Carriage Rides in NYC and Orlando Resort.


I hope you liked my compilation of Top Travel Vloggers to follow right now, because I loved writing about them. Youtube is a powerful way to motivate yourself to start even dreaming of your next travel destination. Have you followed them, or got other vloggers in mind Make sure to comment below or find me o social media and share your thoughts!

I have a whole two months of content planned for you to feast your eyes on, I hope you all like it. It goes from riding a bike around Rome to taking care of your skin on your travels. If you want a little catch up on my blog or myself, make sure to check out my latest post.

Love, Mol xo

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