Life Update: Finishing University and Future Plans

Surreal, that is the only word I can use to describe the feeling of finishing 4 years of University. It truly has been a life changing 4 years, I have laughed, I have cried but I have also learned A LOT – in lectures and out! Being honest, 40% of it wasn’t what I expected and I had it pretty rough but I told myself to keep going and it was so worth it

I got to live abroad in Barcelona, where I gained so much confidence and got to experience so much more than I ever imagined. I met so many people, got to travel and at the end of the 4 years… I am graduating with a 2.1! All those hours spent in the 24/7 open access centre and those red bulls were worth it !

What are my plans post university?? I have no bloody clue! I love not knowing what I am doing, it  excites me and I have so many more options! If you want to know more about myself and what I have been up to, just keep reading!

Writing 12,000 Words

5 years ago when I was at open days, I remember thinking dissertation was ageeees away. Suddenly it creeped up on me and I had 12,000 words to write. I had nothing I was passionate about to babble on for 12,000 words so I just came up with how events help inter-firm relationships.

In between the red bull and constant hours at Studland House with my best mate telling me to move to another table cause I was annoying (you know who you are), it wasn’t exactly an easy ride. In February, I accidently gave myself food poisoning, was off work for a week. Two weeks after, I fell in a club dancing and tore one ligament in my knee and sprained the other and was on crutches for 4 weeks. THEN, right after that I got a kidney infection for 3 weeks. My tutor couldn’t believe how I got so unlucky haha!

But… I DID IT! £30 later from the printers, I handed my dissertation in with the photo to prove it. After that, I did not think about it until results day. Previously I was doing 16-20 hour dissertation days, so a break was needed. I remember being at work at 11:59am waiting for the 12pm results day on 7th of July. Suddenly I saw 2nd Class Upper Division, with meant a 2.1, I was happy with a 3rd! After calling the parents and hugging the students at work, I finally saw my dissertation grade… 64%. I was averaging 55% for the past 3 years! Celebrations happened!

Summer Job

I was very lucky to have been offered a job as an Activity Leader for Kings Education in Bournemouth, I was super nervous as this was a new industry and direction for work. However, I was super excited because I knew the job was social and I got to meet lots of international students – and if you know me, you know I speak different languages because I love meeting new people.

So, for three months I spent 6 days a week organising activities, going on excursions and meeting the most incredible staff and students. It was tiring, but that was expected but I got to do so much including 6D cinema, exploring London and singing Despacito at Karaoke. It was an incredible way to celebrate working hard at University, it didn’t feel like a job because I was having fun but it was so rewarding seeing the students having fun too. I didn’t expect to enjoy it so much, I never saw myself working for a school (don’t know why), but I loved it so much and advise anyone to consider doing summer work for an international school.  


I can’t actually believe that I will be graduating in November and walking in front of all those people and my parents, crazy. It seems like yesterday that I was starting university and now I will be graduating – the gown is ordered and dress to be ordered this week!

I was close two years ago to giving up as mentioned before, so I may cry or freeze as I walk up because even now it seems surreal. Let’s pray I don’t faint! Has anyone got any advice for getting through graduation? I need it!

All my family have been to university and graduated, and I am so happy to be joining that club because again thought I wouldn’t make it. If i don’t hear my parents scream when my name is called, I will be VERY disappointed… just kidding!

Lets Travel

So, since I left university and went back home I spent 10 days in Barcelona and Rome, purely for a relaxing and well deserved break. So, I planned to do more sight-seeing, however because the people I met were so bloody cool they made the memories. I spent 4 days in Barcelona, got to meet up with old friends and had a lovely 1 hour walk to get coffee to end up in Starbucks — love the memories though! After that, I spent 6 days in Rome, I did more sightseeing and then got to do an Electric Bike Tour around Rome – post to come it was amazing! Again, met the BEST people, made so many memories and friends for life and I can’t handle a week without them!

Future travels? Like I said, one week back and I can’t handle it so of course I have future travel plans. Including Berlin, Budapest, girls holiday with my bestie and Interrailing! But for now, I am missing drinking Aperol Spritz in the sun.

Hope you enjoyed catching up on my crazy life, it sure has been a rollercoaster of the past 3 years, but I wouldn’t change it. Can I get more cheesy?? I think not.

Now, most graduates have a plan of post university life before they hand in final assessments. I wasn’t that person, I am glad though because I have opportunities for the future that I am so proud and excited for.

I will be doing a post on what to expect when you finish university, because I don’t think anyone actually prepares you for it. If you need catching up on my recent posts, check out The Travel Guide for Introverts. I was so shy when I was younger (not ashamed about), travelling completely changed my life and I want that the same for other people.

Back home and got some great content coming up, have a good rest of the week and see ya later!

Mol xo

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