The Best Travel Resources Guide For Your Next Trip

I am soon on my travels, and yes I have made mistakes despite booking flights and hotels numerous times… we all do it! Like they said, if things were perfect it would be boring.

Instead of focusing on my mistakes, I am going to put a list/guide together of all the best travel resources for everyone to use…including myself. This guide includes where to find the best flights, suitable luggage and travel friendly technology!

So if you need some more recommendations then keep reading. My mistake this time was booking a flight from Stansted and I live in Cornwall = a 10 hour coach, 3 hour sleep in Stansted before my flight! It was cheaper than flying from Bristol!


First up is my favourite thing to research, and that is where to stay. I research to the moon and back because I love to look at different places in my next destination. Of course there are 3 options that you can choose to stay in 1) hostels 2) hotels and 3) apartments.

Hostels is my forte, at this moment in my life it is my preferred method of accommodation. The benefits are that you share a room with other travellers and end up making new friends. It is often cheaper than hotels and offer several activities. That could be free walking tours, free breakfast or percentage off drinks at the hostel bar (my personal fave). There are also several options of payment and booking with booking hostels too. You can either go through the hostels personal website or through booking tools like the following. Try to remember that there may be a booking fee but I don’t mind them personally.

Hostel Worldshowing a catalogue of hostels and the one I frequently use for new destinations and would highly recommend it. There are several methods of payment and booking. For all types of travel.

Hostel BookersSimilar format to Hostel World, except focusing more on cheap and youth vacations.

Generator Hostelthis hostel brand has several locations across the globe. I recommend this because they are a trusted brand and have various options.

I would stay in hotels with family, friends and my boyfriend (I don’t have one – but I would stay in a hotel with a hypothetical one haha). To be honest, when I have stayed in hotels my parents and friends have booked it and I only have my say on the price! However, when thinking of dreamy hotels I stick to these.

Booking.comthis online agency is what is used most when staying in hotels. To me it is the most known and has several benefits. Including filters for destinations and discounts on activities.

Expedia Similar to, Expedia has many advantages including using Nectar Points and being able to book flights and car.

Kayakthis company is new to me but have seen it advertised on social media a lot. Kayak prides itself on comparisons of all hotels to find the best prices.

Onto the newest trend and a must on this best travel resources guide is private apartments. The rise of Airbnb and other private rented apartments, offer comfortable and private experiences for travellers.

Airbnbeveryone knows Airbnb, easily the most well known and established companies. Haven’t used, but been on their website and it is very easy to use. Offering rented rooms to whole apartments, there is something for everyone.

Waytostay A little personal favourite for mine, as I used to work for Waytostay. Focusing on short-term apartments in Europe, a lot of care goes into this company.

Holiday LettingsNot just apartments, Holiday Lettings offers accommodation including Villas… dreamy! They also suggest they can save you up to 40%.


Like I said in the intro, I booked the cheapest flight and although there is cheap transport getting there… I have to take a 10 hour coach to the airport. I was in a rush … no more excuses. If you have time, go through these websites which help you choose which is the perfect flight to get.

Google Flightsmy personal favourite because Google has an interactive flight map. Choose your departure destination and it will show the cheapest/average flight price to certain locations. Makes it easy to navigate and choose.

Skyscanneranother great choice due to the price comparison from more providers than any comparison site. Their website is easy to use and allows you to compare accommodation and car hire.


If you are looking to take a day trip from your destination or spend a few extra days in a different location, there are great ways to find cheaper ways to travel. Becoming more popular to see multiple cities, this is why transport is on my best travel resources list. Tip: This is suited for those travelling throughout Europe.

Go EuroI use this even if I am travelling in the UK, it gives really easy comparison on what modes of transport to take. Directs you straight to the tertiary website.

InterrailingThis type of transport is becoming so popular in recent years, and as it is cheap to travel by train it is a good choice. Interrailing has several options to choose from.

FlixBusFrom just £11 … YES £11 FlixBus offers cheap coach travel across Europe. For those on a budget this is brilliant!


So… I will admit, I have never bought a suitcase because we have way too many in our house. However, I am obsessed with travel so I like to look for suitcases in the future. WAIT … I  just realised I have bought hand-luggage in Barcelona, been through a lot of travels! Here are a few websites which I stalk weekly for suitcases!

Argos (UK)  – did anyone else as a child, used to go through the Argos catalogue and circle everything you wanted for Christmas?? I still do it now when looking at suitcases, they range from lightweight suitcases to rucksacks.

Amazon (Global)I use this website for everything because it is so reliable. Amazon is a global company and has suitcases accessible to anyone.

The Range (UK) for those looking for stylish suitcases I would definitely recommend The Range. My personal favourite is the green, however they have multi-use/professional cabin bags to fabric.


Before I even used only hand luggage, I didn’t know what the fuss was about when it came to packing liquids. That was until I packed liquids for my first solo trip to Rome, I stuffed and changed around my liquids in a clear plastic bag like a lunatic. Since, I have found travel liquid bottles and ways to go around taking liquids! Here are a few ideas…

LushFor a few years this is has been on my best travel resources list in my head. They have dry shampoo bars, conditioner, toothpaste the lot. More room for extra liquids!

Boots (UK)/Amazon (Global)I have bought my travel bottles from both of these companies. Boots offer great selection of bottles and travel liquids also. Amazon is available worldwide.

Walkabout WandererIf you need more info on liquid restrictions and advice, I really recommend this article. Really in-depth and explains what to do which is easy to understand.


Health and travel insurance are must haves. You never know if you are going to lose your luggage or have an unfortunate trip to the hospital – lets hope not!. Not sure where to find the best insurance options… take a look below. If you are a UK resident, make sure you have an EHIC card!

Post Office (UK) My go to place to search for travel insurance for all types of trip. It is reliable and are able to purchase more travel options.

Money SupermarketIf you have absolutely no clue where to go for your travel insurance, just head to this fab comparison site. Takes all the stress out of researching for you!


I am a former introvert, I was so shy and would never thought I would move to a different country like I did last year completely alone. Now, I don’t think twice about a solo trip or going to a meet-up alone! Everyone finds it fascinating haha… A post will be coming soon on travelling for introverts but this has to be on my best travel resources list.

Meet-UpThis will forever be a website/app that i will be grateful for! Myself and Rikke, my first best mate I met in Spain, we got on this app and went to our first Meet-Up. From there every week I met with my new friends who would be part of my fave memories ever!

The Guardianneed tips for group travel if going solo??? Read this top article from the guardian.

Hostel WorldMy favourite tip from this fun and easy ways to meet people travelling is about food! There are 10 other tips too!

Travel Gear

I could go on about the numerous travel gear you need, but I haven’t got all year and I have already written 1252 words. So instead I am going to suggest you read three articles that will help you find the best gear.

Travel and LeisureIf you need over 10 essentials to travel, here we have 110 including sleep masks and earplugs which both are very pleasing to me!

Swig Meets WorldFor something practical and useful, Swig Meets World gives you ideas on what to take including electric shaver and a passport hard drive.

BuzzfeedMy fave has to be this article from Buzzfeed, telling you exactly what you need that you never thought of! What I now want is the self-inflating pillow and a luggage tracker!


Onto the finale, because let’s be honest it is the era of selfie sticks and Instagram stories. So technology can’t be missed on my best travel resources guide. E-readers, smartphones and cameras are my top 3 gadgets for the ultimate travel trip. You just have to be super careful when you take them with you! I will put it out there, some places you may get pick-pocketed (can’t lie to you) or you may drop it if you are clumsy like myself!

Digital Camera WorldI NEED a new camera, especially for all the travelling I want to do. Do you know where to start? I sure didn’t… so let’s all begin reading this article!

Trip Savvy I am not necessarily a book person, more of an audio-guide gal when learning languages. But click the link to find the best E-Readers when you are stuck at the airport or lounging around by the pool.


There ya go… your comprehensive list of the best travel resources! I hope you found it somewhat useful, if you have any other useful tips please feel free to write in the comments!

It is less than two weeks until my big trip to Barcelona and Rome, if anyone is there from 17th to 27th of September let me know .

If you need a catch up on my blog, make sure to check out my new post Breakfast at The Real Eating Company.

Have a good rest of the week
Mol xo

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