Where to eat in Barcelona: The Coconut Club

Oh my god…
I feel like I haven’t stopped even though I left my job nearly two months ago. I went to Rome, had my sister round then my friend from Australia and another from England.
My diet has gone out the window and so has my blogging. I also feel that I should have been a food/travel blogger the amount I eat and ideas I have for the blog.
As the title suggests, this post is about one of my new favourite restaurants in Barcelona that I haven’t mentioned before. The Coconut Club is located right on the beach front by all the clubs and is so different from any restaurant in Barcelona.
It is a Caribbean style restaurant, with the most diverse menu choice I have ever seen. In Barcelona, you will find a lot of Tapas Buffet, Seafood and Tourist Trap Restaurants. There is honestly nothing like The Coconut Club.
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I have actually been here three times now. Once with my friend Emily, and because it was so good I had to drag along my friends Joe and Tasha once they arrived.

Located at the other end of Barceloneta, by Vila Olimpica it is a nice retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the main beach of Barcelona.
You will find that you get a unique selection of restaurants compared to some similar looking restaurants in the main beach street.
The décor of the restaurant is one of my favourite parts, it is everything you expect from a Caribbean Restaurant. It is casual and so, so colourful. Especially when it is sunny, it feels right that you just have to sit down.
The inside is beautiful but the outside is the place to sit and grab some food, especially in the beautiful weather at the moment. I am going to miss this sun when I move back home … must stop crying!
I am actually obsessed with the styling, even the menu is stylish. So many restaurants in Barcelona, just have stock photos of their dishes and aren’t authentic. This however is different. They also state that their food is all homemade, otherwise their grandmothers would be very upset.
Looking at the menu, I think that their grandmothers would be VERY proud!

For drinks, I have always gone for the homemade lemonade, I should really try their cocktails but I don’t day drink cocktails. Their lemonade has such a great taste to it and a kick which leaves you wanting more. I love ice, crushed ice is my favourite and the whole glass is filled with it. when I go on holiday, obviously its hot, the glass is always filled with ice, I feel that it gives it a more of a holiday feel. Wow.. I have just rambled on about lemonade for a whole paragraph…. speaks for itself!
I have had the chicken salad at The Coconut Club, because I ate a lot of bad food before and it was so refreshing and unique. There was caramelised pineapple and chilli flavours in there.
But the main reason why I love this place is… drumroll…. the NACHOS.
I love nachos, I swear by nachos and I will marry anyone who can make me some good nachos. I have had my fair share of Nachos in the UK and Barcelona alike, but these are amazing. 1 portion is enough for 2 people to share, which is what I did with Emily and with Tasha.
Most places do not put enough cheese on Nachos, which is something that is important to me.. god i feel like such a food snob. But The Coconut Club, put the most amazing amount of cheese on. They have amazing guacamole, salsa verde, some sort of purple puree called heaven and jalapenos. i honestly think that we could have had another portion.
I will be coming back for more before I leave.
The Coconut Club also has some great events going on, including A Tropical Affair which is happening next Sunday. Including live music, cocktails, coconuts and much more. it is a great palce to hangout and have a different experience in Barcelona!
Need more information?

Address: Ramon Trias Fargas 2, 08003.
Opening Hours: From 12pm
So if any of you are in Barcelona, make sure to check out The Coconut Club, promise you will not be disappointed.
I have more content coming up including, the ultimate ice bar of Barcelona, best breakfast hangouts and where to go for ice cream in Rome!
Have a great week!
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