The Best Burger in Barcelona: Bacoa

Hey guys!
I feel like I have been banging on to all my friends, family and on Twitter about this next restaurant. I probably have but I do not feel guilty about it at all.
Back in Bournemouth, my favourite restaurant is 7Bone, which have the most incredible burgers. So I was determined to find the best burgers in Barcelona for the 13 months I would be away. I have done just that.
Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Bacoa Burger.
This post is a long time coming, I have been to Bacoa around 7 times in the past 3 months and I have more trips planned for the next 2 months that I have here.
Its taken me this long because I didn’t wait to take photos of the meal because the burger was eaten within 2 minutes.
But read more to find out why it is the best burger bar in town!

Some Facts about Bacoa
Bacoa Burger pride themselves with providing Gourmet burgers with organic beef. Believe me it tastes like it. I used to be a plain Jane when it comes to burgers, a simple cheese burger would do me fine. Bacoa has changed that and I have so many fillings.
They have restaurants in Madrid and Barcelona, the ones in Barcelona are Barceloneta, Kiosko, Little, Ferran and Universitat. So many to choose from, the photos you will see is from Universitat.
They describe themselves as the new generation of fast food, but what makes them different is that everything is made by hand and it doesn’t feel like your average fast food chain. It feels like a premium restaurant. The way you order is quick but the booking process takes time like usual restaurant but the food is worth the short wait.
If you want to know more about their backstory read about them on their About Page!
For their accidental business, it is a great success. I am going to miss it when I move back to England!
They also use delivery services too, manby times I have ordered my usual burger when I am slightly hungover!
My Experience at Bacoa
I absolutely love Bacoa’s décor and style, it is modern, casual and very stylish. I love a good chilled restaurant which is exactly what you get from it.

In the Universitat restaurant there is outdoor seating as well, as you walk in on your right hand side there are wood fixtures with order forms in Catalan, Spanish and English. You tick all the boxes that you want and go straight to the counter.

You choose whether you want beef, chicken or the vegetarian/vegan option and the type of burger style you want. I ALWAYS go for La Bacoa. It has bacon, cheddar, manchego cheese, homemade pickles and artisan mustard. I used to HATE pickles and mustard, but I have become an aficionado! You can also choose if you want it in a bun or bowl, so its great for those who can’t have gluten!

As if the fillings weren’t enough, you can choose if you want any more fillings. The French fries are amazing as well as the wedges “rusticas”.
For drinks, I recommend the iced tea or the lemon lager, both are refreshing.
You simply hand your form to the cash desk, pay and take your number to the table.

There is a normal wait time for the food but like I said before it is worth the wait.
Every time I come, whoever I am with, no word is spoken as we just are enjoying our food too much. I mean just look at it … its like a dream!

It is a foodie’s heaven.

every piece devoured!

Little tip: if you share your photo on social media tagging Bacoa and #bacoacontest you will be in the weekly “free menu” contest.
Here is their social media handles if you are a foodie like me and need some inspo…
Twitter: @Bacoaburger
Facebook: Bacoa Burger
Instagram: @bacoaburger

For my usual burger and chips, it comes to 11 Euros and for a gourmet burger I think it is a great price. Especially for in the centre of Barcelona where there are plenty of tourist traps.
It is perfect for any type of holiday-maker and especially for students abroad like myself. So you can go out and eat and it will not break the bank! I am determined to have 4 more Bacoa’s before I leave.
In conclusion, Bacoa will always be my favourite restaurant in Barcelona. I have been to A LOT of restaurants here and not one of them have been as good as Bacoa. They have been great but Bacoa is just on another level.
So come to Barcelona, visit Bacoa and grab a burger (I recommend Bacoa Burger), you won’t regret it. Usually I don’t follow the crowd because it can be overrated, but this isn’t one of those times.
Have you been to Bacoa? Let me know what you thought of it and when you go, let me know as well!
That’s it from me! I am currently on a diet until my friend Tasha comes to visit when I will be taking her to Bacoa, but hope you enjoyed this post!
Mol x

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